Volume 25 (2017)


Recent Submissions

Nosova, Svetlana , Snopova, Ludmila , Turlapov, Vadim
Automatic detection of neurons, astrocytes, and layers for NISSL-stained mouse cortex

We present an image processing algorithm for automatic detection of cortex layers and cells from optical microscopy images for Nissl-stained mouse brain. For every layer of cortex we automatically detect a shape and localization of following cortex cells type: neurons of molecular layer...

Abdulrahman, Hasan , Magnier, Baptiste , Montesinos, Philippe
From contours to ground truth: how to evaluate edge detectors by filtering

Edge detection remains a crucial stage in numerous image processing applications. Thus, an edge detection technique needs to be assessed before use it in a computer vision task. As dissimilarity evaluations depend strongly of a ground truth edge map, an inaccurate datum in terms&#x...

Martín, Rodrigo , Weinmann, Michael , Hullin, Matthias B.
Digital transmission of subjective material appearance

The digital recreation of real-world materials has a substantial role in applications such as product design, on-line shopping or video games. Since decisions in design or shopping are often driven by qualities like “softness” or “beautifulness” of a material (rather than its photo-accu...

Anjos, Rafael dos , Pereira, João Madeiras , Gaspar, José António , Fernandes, Carla
Multiview layered depth image

Layered Depth Images (LDI) compactly represent multiview images and videos and have widespread usage in image-based rendering applications. In its typical use case scenario of representing a scanned environment, it has proven to be a less costly alternative than separate viewpoint encoding.&...

Azari, Banafsheh , Bertel, Sven , Wüthrich, Charles A.
Low cost rapid acquisition on bidirectional texture functions for fabrics

Creating photo realistic images from real word complex materials is a great challenge: the reflectance function of materials, especially fabrics, has glossy or specular highlights, reflectance anisotropy and retroreflections. This increases greatly the complexity of rendering. Bidirectional Texture Functio...