Authors: Zreláková, Juliána
Advisor: Merta Vladimír, Doc. akademický malíř
Referee: Morávek Jan, MgA.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: bakalářská práce
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/28205
Keywords: sexualita;človek;gender;zrovnoprávnenie;3d tlač;intermédia;dielo;poprava sťatím;moc;komunikácia;inštalácia;konceptuálne umenie;foucault
Keywords in different language: sexuality;human;gender;equality;3d print;intermedia;work;beheading;power;communication;installation;conceptual art;foucault
Abstract: Cieľom mojej bakalárskej práce bolo vytvoriť intermediálne dielo reflektujúce subjektívne názory na tému zmien vnímania rastúcej sexuálnej rovnosti, sexuálnej moci a komunikácie medzi dvoma jedincami. Hlavnou inšpiráciou pri tvorbe bol akt popravy sťatím, ale aj Foucaultové diela.
Abstract in different language: The topic of my bachelor's thesis is Media and Experiment, with the sub-topic of human sexuality, or more specifically power in sexuality. The goal of my thesis was to create an inter-media art piece reflecting subjective opinions regarding the change of perception of the ever increasing sexual equality, sexual power, and communication between two individuals. The project was inspired by the capital punishment by decapitation, as well as Foucault's work, even though they are concerned primarily with the subject, rather than power (which may seem like the central theme). I have chosen an object as the most appopriate form to express my idea. The decapitated head is turned towards the "executioner", which has also affected the hand position. I have purposefully made the head gender-ambiguous. The apparent neutrality of the piece is accentuated by the given height and lighting of the model. The whole concept should feel ambiguous, and should invite one to a closer and more thorough examination of the object. The sexual form has been neutralized by a 3D print, where any sign of my personal taste or input has been removed by the 3D program MakeHuman. The final touch was delivered by deliberately placing and lighting the project in "the theatre" of FDU LS.
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