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Valouchová, Jana
Hudební klip

This diploma thesis describes choice, process and realization of an animated music video for the composition named Granada by Spanish musician Paco de Lucía. The film is made by a traditional stop-motion animation technique. It is an animation of natural materials, glass fragments ...

Fleková, Lucie

The theme of my thesis is "UNEXPECTED" and I have created a series of objects porcelain plates, which have been perished by etching. Porcelain can only be etched by acids. This method is very aggressive and leads to destruction of the exposed objects. In...

Walterová, Šárka

The work is primarily based on the reflection of exploring countryside of home country, roots of forefathers, names, memories of childhood in a natural environment. The output is an intermedial object - green rustic mossy green sofa made from natural materials - situated...

Šilhavá, Veronika
Soukromý rituál

When people touch or use things, they leave invisible prints of their lifes and memories on them. Because of these prints, ordinary, dull things can become solitaires. This is the main idea of my thesis. I have designed special porcelain set, which is able to carry t...

Brůha, Martin

My work is digital ilustrations with elements of animation. On the screen you would see a compilation of seven illustrations with a few visual effects and some changing captions, which describe functionality and application of illustrated machines. The motifs are inspired by my own...