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Recent Submissions

Gabrielová, Wanda
Příběh jako inspirace pro šperk

This bachelor thesis is about the connection between jewellery and story. Furthermore, the thesis is an example of how the author was inspired by Japanese lanterns and their production to create new unique objects in the medium of jewellery. The final objects are 25 pieces...

Vacíková, Natalie
Pohyb jako meditační prostředek

Move That (M)ass! a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria, Yeast and a Woman has been the most extensive complex project to date, based on my intimate feelings and discoveries made during the development period. Cultivating and curating this installation has taken both energy and time,...

Noarova, Nadezhda
Volný pád

What do I want to create? Do I have control over my creative process? Where do I have control? Where do I want to have control? If I have control, can I let it go? When I let go, what's left? Freefall - means that I ...

Merkulenko, Anna

The Path is an installation linked to a video projection that allows the viewer to a look into the process of depression and walk the journey that millions of people go through around the world. The projection consists of visualizations of five different stages of&...

Starý, Vojtěch

During my exploration in the field of audiovisual production, I encountered a 360° camera for the first time while shooting a music video. As a cameraman, I continuously monitored the technological innovations emerging in this industry, and this new type of camera intrigued me....