Katedra výtvarného umění / Department of Art


Recent Submissions

Raspopova, Vera

My installation is based on my own experience and is exploring the inner world of a person with a personality disorder. The realistic 3D sculptures are creating a gallery-like atmosphere in an urban environment. And old TVs are taking you back to old times when everything...

Gašparínová, Lucie
Počítačová hra

The diploma thesis is about development of a side-scrolling platformer adventure computer game To Bring You Home, about it's story and about technical processing of mechanics used in the game.

Pokorná, Veronika

A short documentary following the lives of five protagonists. The documentary work is realized with the help of digital camera and analog technology. I also rely on time-lapse and archival materials such as cultural articles and video documentation over the years. Another way of&#x...

Daneková, Mária

Artists book Jozef Novák is focused on problem of alcoholism and drinking alcohol in society. I worked with various alternative concepts and multigenre overlaps when i was working on it. I illustrated the book by combining clasic pencil drawing with colour fields made with&#x...

Legerská, Kristýna

The subject matter of my master thesis is the relation between light and landscape. As a result, I created a set of woodcut prints. The set is accompanied by a large format print on textile.