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Martinčík, David
Vliv chování firem na hospodářský cyklus (DSGE přístup)

Thesis focuses on the possibilities how to model the impact of firms' behavior on fluctuation of the economy. At first the dichotomy of contemporary economics is introduced and also the weak spots of mainstream economics are identified...

Fuksa, Pavel , Svoboda, Milan
Efektivnost indikátoru MACD na akciích společnosti ČEZ

This paper deals with efficiency of the MACD indicator. The aim of the study is to find whether this indicator would be usable for creating a business strategy for active trading at a stock exchange. The research was carried out on the basis of day closing...

Martinčík, David , Jarý, Čestmír , Šlechtová Sojková, Olga
Rekondiční masáže spotřeby prováděné centrálními bankami: experimentální verifikace

The contribution verifies the mainstream economics lemma that inflation stimulates consumption expenditures and vice versa deflation results in giving up of present consumption. We suggested the experimental design suitable for consumption-saving decision-making under different inflation and relative prices...

Svoboda, Milan
Stochastic model of short-term prediction of stock prices and its profitability in the czech stock market

This paper deals with stochastic modelling and short time prediction of share price development in Czech stock market. The aim of this research is to create such models which can be used for creating automatic trading strategies that will beat the market. Reliabi...

Munk, Michal , Benko, Ľubomír , Gangur, Mikuláš , Turčáni, Milan
Influence of ratio of auxiliary pages on the pre-processing phase of web usage mining

Data mining belongs to the one of the important tools for Business Intelligence. It is a means to increase competitiveness of a company. Web usage mining is engaged in data mining of web server log file and it analyzes the user´s behavior on the web site. The fi...