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Recent Submissions

Lazorcakova, Ema , Dries, Liesbeth , Peerlings, Jack , Pokrivčák, Ján
Potential of the bioeconomy in Visegrad countries: An input-output approach

The EU has placed high priority on the expansion of the bioeconomy with the aim to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, to mitigate climate change, and to develop prospering local economies. However, only few Member States have defined quantitative economic or environmental t...

Brañas-Garza, Pablo , Jorrat, Diego Andrés , Alfonso, A. , Espín, Antonio M. , Muñoz, Tere García , Kovářík, Jaromír
Exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic environment and generosity

We report data from an online experiment which allows us to study how generosity changed over a 6-day period during the initial explosive growth of the COVID-19 pandemic in Andalusia, Spain, while the country was under a strict lockdown. Participants (n = 969) could donate...

Tóth, Marian , Pokrivčák, Ján
Ekonomické prínosy pestovania cukrovej repy na Slovensku

Nový, Miloš , Jarý, Čestmír
Economic and Social Impacts of COVID 19 on National Economies from the Point of View of Economic Theory

Research background: The world economy is currently affected by the devastating effects of the global COVID 19 pandemic, reaching the Great Depression of the 1930s. The economic policies of the affected countries are currently focused on short-term measures on the aggregate demand side....

Mišečka, Tomáš , Ciaian, Pavel , Rajčániová, Miroslava , Pokrivčák, Ján
In search of attention in agricultural commodity markets

This paper investigates the impact of attention driven behaviour on agricultural commodity prices. We proxy attention driven behaviour using search queries for the commodity names in Google. We apply the ARDL model to estimate the impact of search queries on three internationally traded...