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Recent Submissions

Vojtko, Viktor , Rolínek, Ladislav , Plevný, Miroslav
System dynamics model of crises in small and medium enterprises

The article aims to improve existing theories of business development and crisis management with a special emphasis on inner dynamics of crises in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For these purposes, combined perspectives of system dynamics, company life cycles, crisis management, resili...

Lukáš, Ladislav
Multi-asset options with different payof functions

The paper deals with formulation of multi-asset option pricing problems with different payoff functions. Multi-variability is important concept in financial engineering as many non-standard structured products in the market are exposed to multiple source of randomness. Spot prices of underlying a...

Tesařová, Vendula
Důsledky podpory ekonomického růstu v malé otevřené ekonomice v globalizovaném světě

Nowadays we live in deep integration. In global world, everything is related to everything. Any decision of monetary or fiscal policy does not stay without response. So how can be the economic growth in small open economy supported? Which instruments should be used? The articl...

Babuněk, Ondřej
Komplexní analýza faktorů ovlivňujících příliv přímých zahraničních investic v globální ekonomice

Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows have a few positive effects on the host country economy. Almost all countries in the world are trying to attract foreign investment and progressive technology to their countries. However, there are many factors determining the inflow of FDI i...

Gangur, Mikuláš
In-house Prediction Markets and their Extension in Czech Republic

Electronic virtual markets can serve as an alternative tool for gathering information that is spread among numerous experts. Information is basic element of decision support system as part of enterprise information system. These in-house prediction markets can be important part of business&#...