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Nový, Miloš , Jarý, Čestmír
Economic and Social Impacts of COVID 19 on National Economies from the Point of View of Economic Theory

Research background: The world economy is currently affected by the devastating effects of the global COVID 19 pandemic, reaching the Great Depression of the 1930s. The economic policies of the affected countries are currently focused on short-term measures on the aggregate demand side....

Dereva, Mykola , Rajčániová, Miroslava
Variation of market power across different food supply chains

Research background: The analysis of the competitiveness between producers, processors and retailers in food supply chains has always been drawing a high level of attention. It has become even more topical issue for researchers and policymakers after the global food crisis in 2008. ...

Dereva, Mykola , Rajčániová, Miroslava
Market Power in Food Supply Chain – Does Estimation Method Matters?

This paper aims to investigate the systematic differences in market power estimates between most dominate estimation approaches and to assess the determinants related to market power estimates. Meta analysis was used to estimate the impact of the assessment approach on the magnitude of&...

Kononets, Yevhen , Rajčániová, Miroslava
Conditions for Improving the Position of Small-Scale Food Producers in Food Supply System

There is an obvious necessity of well-functioning small food producers. They play an important role of agricultural sector. The efficiency of small farms fluctuates significantly and depends on plenty of factors. One of the most important aspects determining the efficiency of their prod...

Svoboda, Milan , Plevný, Miroslav , Říhová, Pavla

The study deals with an analysis and optimization of a queuing system in the service sector. The company under review is a traditional men’s hairdresser (barber) whose business model is based on limited offer of services (dry hair cut) with the emphasis on short waiting t...

Taušl Procházková, Petra , Mičudová, Kateřina
Social enterprises from the perspective of Czech environment: practice and selected aspects

Social enterprises are seen as an innovative part of the Czech economy. They possess the ability to provide innovative business models, the social mission of which is accomplished by carrying out economic activity. Many Czech social enterprises have arisen from the non-profit sector...

Gangur, Mikuláš , Svoboda, Milan , Grolmus, Petr
A comparison of different approaches used in the learning process by means of the moodle data analysis

The contribution deals with the application of data mining methods in the log data of the Moodle learning management system. In the first step the attention is paid to the pre-processing of data cleaning, transformation, and aggregation. This pre-processing of data preparation focuses&#...

Brčák, Jan
Sustainable Development Goals in Company Culture

Šlechtová Sojková, Olga , Janeček, Petr
Visit rate of tourists in the border regions: case of the Pilsen, Karlovy Vary and Usti regions

Czech border regions differ greatly in the socio-economical, demographical and natural areas. Tourism in the border regions is a very important part of the economy, because of the character of the landscape. Nature in connection with the culture potential creates very attractive regions...

Krechovská, Michaela , Mičudová, Kateřina , Staňková, Alena
Challenge of Sustainable Reporting: Case Study of Major Companies in the Czech Republic

The paper deals with changing corporate reporting with regards to the sustainability. Sustainability reporting is a recent phenomenon in the field of reporting, offering a number of challenge, such as increased transparency and credibility in the eyes of stakeholders, impact on business ...

Lukáš, Ladislav
Dynamic AD-AS macroeconomic model of Mankiw type with generalized expectations

The paper deals with formulation of discrete dynamic AD-AS macroeconomic model of Mankiw type. First, we discuss all macroeconomic structural equations in Mankiw setting. There are the following ones: the demand for goods and services, the Fisher equation expressing real interest rate, ...

Říhová, Pavla , Svoboda, Milan
Reliability of Investment Recommendations

This article deals with the reliability of investment recommendations for selected companies traded on the Prague Stock Exchange. Stock analysts issue investment recommendations and set the so-called target share prices. The target price of a share is an intrinsic value of the share...

Gangur, Mikuláš , Sova Martinovský, Václav
On Possibility of Automatic Generation of Data Files and their Use in Tasks of Descriptive Statistics

The contribution deals with the use of automatic generation of parameterized tasks and the inclusion of automatically generated data files as useful feature of generator. This functionality of the generator is used, for example, in tasks of statistical data analysis. The contribution sh...

Lukáš, Ladislav
Multi-asset options with different payof functions

The paper deals with formulation of multi-asset option pricing problems with different payoff functions. Multi-variability is important concept in financial engineering as many non-standard structured products in the market are exposed to multiple source of randomness. Spot prices of underlying a...

Tesařová, Vendula
Důsledky podpory ekonomického růstu v malé otevřené ekonomice v globalizovaném světě

Nowadays we live in deep integration. In global world, everything is related to everything. Any decision of monetary or fiscal policy does not stay without response. So how can be the economic growth in small open economy supported? Which instruments should be used? The articl...

Gangur, Mikuláš
In-house Prediction Markets and their Extension in Czech Republic

Electronic virtual markets can serve as an alternative tool for gathering information that is spread among numerous experts. Information is basic element of decision support system as part of enterprise information system. These in-house prediction markets can be important part of business&#...

Plevný, Miroslav , Součková, Radka
The Economic Impacts of Applying the Act on Public Procurement as Seen from the Contractors’ Point of View

A significant part of the GDP (about 24 billion EUR per year) is allocated through public procurement from public resources in the Czech Republic. There are some changes concerning the obligations of contracting authority as well as contractors after the new act on public proc...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17