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Recent Submissions

Rozlivka, Roman , Dokoupil, Jaroslav
Vývoj českého cukrovarnického průmyslu po druhé světové válce

The article acquaints the readers with the development of the Czech sugar industry in the period from 1945 to 1989. As it turned out, the political changes that took place after World War II had the greatest impact on the then prosperous economy and developed sugar i...

Kopp, Jan , Vobruba, Martin
Sucho a oheň – přirozená součást života savany

Savanna's life is a typical example when drought and fire determine the natural development dynamics of the landscape. This paper presents recommendations for the didactic transformation of the topic at school teaching. It points out possible cases of misconceptions among students.

Kopp, Jan , Čubr, Václav
Parky, nebo parkoviště? Plánování zeleně pro udržitelná města

This paper is concentrated on the planning of urban green space in accordance with environmental trends of urban development. We demonstrate that the urban greenery is highly beneficial and thus from an economic point of view it is effective to care for it. It develops ne...

Rozlivka, Roman , Dokoupil, Jaroslav
Srovnání vývoje cukrovarnického průmyslu v Česku a v USA na příkladu společností Tereos TTD a American Crystal Sugar

The article deals with the comparison of the two largest sugar beet producers in the Czech Republic and the USA. However, it is not only a comparison from the point of view of the size of its own production, but also from a historical, geographical and socio-economic...

Matušková, Alena
Změny ve využití krajiny Brd po transformaci Vojenského újezdu Brdy na Chráněnou krajinnou oblast Brdy

A substantial part of the Brdy Highlands was used for military purposes for ninety years. After the termination of the Military Training Area Brdy on January 1, 2016, the utilization of this area has changed markedly, and gradual changes are also occurring in the surrounding&#...