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Preis, Jiří , Kohout, Michal
Americko-mexická hranice: bariéra proti zločinu nebo zóna humanitární krize?

The U.S.-Mexico border, the busiest border line in the world, is also a politically explosive topic attracting media attention. The public often associates it with the construction of a wall to stop international migration. However, the origins of migrants and their motivation to m...

Kopp, Jan , Vogt, David , Ježek, Jiří , Marval, Štěpán , Hejduk, Tomáš , Roub, Radek
Možnosti efektivního hospodaření se srážkovou vodou na rozvojových plochách urbanizovaných území

The article outlines possible measures for efficient management of rainwater in larger functional areas of development areas, i.e. areas of individual housing; mass housing; production and storage; civic amenities or recreation and sports facilities. The text comments on possible tools for p...

Lehnert, Michal , Geletič, Jan , Kopp, Jan , Brabec, Marek , Jurek, Martin , Pánek, Jiří
Comparison between Mental Mapping and Land Surface Temperature in Two Czech Cities: A New Perspective on Indication of Locations Prone to Heat Stress

Most studies addressing heat in urban environments focus on thermal conditions and neglect the mental component of thermal comfort. This study employs mental maps to analyse thermal (dis)comfort in the medium-sized Czech cities of Olomouc and Plzeň in summer. Locations of “mental hotspo...

Frajer, Jindřich , Pavelková, Renata , Létal, Aleš , Kopp, Jan
Relics and transformation of former ponds in the urban environment of the historical region of Bohemia (Czech Republic)

The rapid expansion of urban areas has been a feature of the industrial age. Landscape features have been replaced or transformed to accommodate the needs of an increasingly urban society. Our study focuses on the disappearance or transformation of man-made ponds in the historic&#x...

Jeřábek, Milan , Dokoupil, Jaroslav , Fiedor, David , Krejčová, Nikola , Šimáček, Petr , Wokoun, René , Zich, František
Nové vymezení periferií Česka

Peripheries may be delimited by various methodological approaches. The aim of this article is to identify and spatially determine inner and outer peripheries at the municipal level in Czechia. With the help of 15 indicators (reflecting the demographic development, economic activity, and ...