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Recent Submissions

Rozlivka, Roman , Dokoupil, Jaroslav
Srovnání vývoje cukrovarnického průmyslu v Česku a v USA na příkladu společností Tereos TTD a American Crystal Sugar

The article deals with the comparison of the two largest sugar beet producers in the Czech Republic and the USA. However, it is not only a comparison from the point of view of the size of its own production, but also from a historical, geographical and socio-economic...

Matušková, Alena
Změny ve využití krajiny Brd po transformaci Vojenského újezdu Brdy na Chráněnou krajinnou oblast Brdy

A substantial part of the Brdy Highlands was used for military purposes for ninety years. After the termination of the Military Training Area Brdy on January 1, 2016, the utilization of this area has changed markedly, and gradual changes are also occurring in the surrounding&#...

Kaňka, Lukáš
Strategický management v rozvoji regionů a měst

The dissertation thesis deals with the concept of regional management as a development concept, which is seen as an instrument for streamlining the strategic regional planning and cooperation of regional actors. The theoretical part of the thesis outlines the development from traditional...

Jeřábek, Milan , Dokoupil, Jaroslav , Böhm, Hynek
The Euroregion Šumava-Bayerischer Wald/Unterer Inn-Mühlviertel as Laboratory of Cross-Border Relations Changes Caused by Political Decisions

The Euroregion Šumava-Bayerischer Wald/Unterer Inn-Mühlviertel is an example of the co-operation entity between “old” and “new” Europe, which was created in the first half of 1990´s. It is an example of a territory in Central Europe, where as a result of political influences m...

Nosková, Marta
Dopady projektů Plzeň - Evropské hlavní město kultury 2015 na místní ekonomický rozvoj

PhD thesis deals with the impacts of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 project on the economic development of the Pilsen region. The work deals not only with the effects on the economy of the region as a whole, but also with the impact on business&#x...