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Recent Submissions

Lovecký, Martin , Závorka, Jiří , Vimpel, Jan
VVER-1000 fuel assembly model in CAD-based unstructured mesh for MCNP6

Geometry models for Monte Carlo transport codes have been using standard constructive solid geometry (CSG). The standard approach is using analytical equations for defining surfaces from which spatial cells are constructed. Both union and intersection operators are available, therefore, arbitrary ...

Bělík, Milan
Detection and prediction of photovoltaic panels malfunctions

This article discusses issues of photovoltaic panels malfunctions and failures. Different detection methods are applied on 300 real installations to identify origin, quantity and time progress of most common malfunctions. This paper focuses only on operation failures while malfunctions generated ...

Bělík, Milan
Influence of auxiliary mounted passive solar systems on thermal comfort in office building

This article discusses the influence of passive solar systems auxiliary mounted in office building on thermal comfort. Applicable measurement methods are compared on real passive solar systems including the elimination and correction of instrumentation uncertainities. The main chapter deals with ...

Bělík, Milan
Automated data acquisition for electrical power engineering

This article describes evaluation and application of low cost data acquisition device for selected tasks in electrical power engineering. The first part discusses theoretical and technical limits of NI PCI-6221 DAQ. Following chapter inscribes application for current / voltage measurement an...

Závorka, Jiří , Lovecký, Martin , Škoda, Radek
Fuel pebble optimization

The pebble bed reactor is randomly filled with thousands of spheres with fuel and moderator elements known as pebbles. Each fuel pebble contains thousands of coated TRISO particles stochastically embedded in the graphite matrix. Compared to PWR reactors with a regular lattice of fu...