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Recent Submissions

Závorka, Jiří
Optimalizace skladování vyhořelého jaderného paliva

Legislative and criticality safety margins are commonly achieved by placing neutron absorbers in the cask basket design. Currently, boron content in steel or aluminium alloy is exclusively used in spent nuclear fuel transport and storage facilities absorber components as the absorber materia...

Tesařová, Miloslava , Kašpírek, Martin
Evaluation of voltage dip performance of 110 kV networks in the context of voltage quality regulation

In comparison with continuity of supply, voltage dips are regulated only in a few European countries. Before setting limits of voltage dips for regulatory purposes, a detailed analysis of historical records has to be carried out and various aspects of voltage event counting have&#x...

Hrbek, Jan
Chování taveniny při tavení kovových a nekovových materiálů elektromagnetickou indukcí ve studeném kelímku

The presented thesis is devoted to designing methods for measuring the properties of materials at temperatures higher than 2000 °C and their verification. These are methods for determining liquidus temperature and density. Confirmation of the proposed methods compares the measured and refere...

Jiřinec, Jakub
Efektivní řízení TZB a obnovitelných zdrojů energie pro bytové a komerční objekty

The presented PhD dissertation deals with effective management of selected technical equipment of buildings in combination with a photovoltaic power plant. The first part is devoted to the issue of recuperation units, for which measuring and control systems were designed and created. Th...

Hromádka, Aleš
Inovativní energetické koncepce kombinované výroby elektřiny a tepla

Central cogeneration power plants have already been operated with original technologies for decades. Back pressure turbines have not currently been sustainable technology. Reasons of their unsustainability are operation impossibility during insufficient heat requirements and insufficient operational flexibilit...