Katedra elektromechaniky a výkonové elektroniky / Department of Electromechanical Engineering and Power Electronics


Recent Submissions

Kaska, Jan , Orosz, Tamás , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo , Pechánek, Roman , Pánek, David
Optimization of reluctance motor with printed rotor

A novel way of optimizing a reluctance motor with rotor manufactured by 3D printing technology is presented. The optimization algorithms must take into account the tolerances of its production that are generally higher compared with classical processing, which requires a high level of&#...

Gonzalez-Teodoro, Jorge Rafael , Romero-Cadaval, Enrique González , Asensi, Rafael , Prieto, Roberto , Kindl, Vladimír
New electrical parameters extraction method based on simplified 3D model using finite element analysis

Purpose–The purpose of this paper is the presentation of an electrical equivalent circuit for inductivecomponents as well as the methodology for electrical parameter extraction by using a 3 Dfinite elementanalysis (FEA) tool.Design/methodology/approach–A parameter extraction based on energies has ...

González-Teodoro, Jorge Rafael , Romero-Cadaval, Enrique , Asensi, Rafael , Kindl, Vladimír
Determination of wire resistance caused by skin effect using modified 3D finite element model

The article introduces methodology of lowering time and computational requirements for complex 3D finite element analysis. It is based on approximation of winding cross section with a proper polygonal shape which significantly reduces the number of mesh elements and eases the computational&#...

Kindl, Vladimír , Frivaldský, Michal , Zavřel, Martin , Pavelek, Miroslav
Generalized design approach on industrial wireless chargers

The paper briefly discusses the most important standards and regulations established for high-power wireless power transfer systems and introduces the main issues concerned with the conceptual design process. It analyses the electromagnetic design of the inductive magnetic coupler and proposes ke...

Laksar, Jan
Improved calculation of the slot leakage inductance of different slot shapes

The slot leakage inductance calculation is an important element of the electric machine’s design. The empirical definitions are described in the literature and widely used until today. The crucial parameter is the slot permeance factor which defines the influence of slot dimensions on&#...