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Recent Submissions

Dragoun, Jaroslav , Talla, Jakub , Košan, Tomáš
Converter Power Losses Computation by FPGA-based HIL Simulator : Invited Paper

Converter losses play a crucial role in the process of power converter design. Especially semiconductor components and heat sink selection are strongly dependent on the total power converter losses and thus affect the power converter size and its price. The most popular techniques ...

Bhajana, V.V.Subrahmanya Kumar , Drábek, Pavel
A Novel ZCS/ZVS Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Applications

In this paper, a new soft-switched non-isolated bidirectional converter is proposed. This proposed converter is operated with soft-switching (zero current switching / zero voltage switching). It is implemented during the turn-on of main switching devices, with the addition of auxiliary reson...

Kehl, Zdeněk , Glasberger, Tomáš
Analysis of three-level neutral point piloted power converter topology

This paper deals with three-level topology of neutral point piloted converters (3L-NPP). These converters can be realized in two variants. The first one is represented by one power semiconductor switch only placed in the top and bottom part of an output leg of a half brid...

Kroneisl, Michal
Measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic noise

This paper deals with measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic noise generated by induction electric motor fed by inverter controlled by PWM. It suggests and describes possible method of evaluation the electromagnetic noise which can be used in real-time applications.

Bláha, Štěpán , Komrska, Tomáš , Šmídl, Václav , Glasbergerová, Vendula , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Multi-harmonic LQ control of single-phase converter with LCL filter

Control of single-phase converters connected to the grid via an LCL filter is a demanding issue due to risk of oscillations. A linear-quadratic (LQ) controller enabling besides standard pure sine control also a multi-harmonic current reference is proposed in the paper. Such a desig...