Katedra elektromechaniky a výkonové elektroniky / Department of Electromechanical Engineering and Power Electronics

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Janouš, Štěpán
Nové koncepce pohonných jednotek pro moderní dopravní systémy

This thesis deals with the development of model predictive control of ac electric drives with long prediction horizons and yet with computational cost of the algorithm comparable to conventional cascade control approaches. The basic idea is to approximate the cost to go function of...

Jára, Martin
Nové topologie polovodičových měničů s vysokou účinností

This thesis is focused on the development of high-efficiency power electronics converters especially in the field of light traction applications. Primarily, it deals with the auxiliary drives of trolleybuses and with the wireless charging system for electric vehicles. The first part describe...

Majorszký, Jan
Stabilita moderního trakčního pohonu

This thesis deals with DC link harmonics influence on traction drives stability. Stability of traction drive is assessed from frequency characteristics of traction drives, which mean dependences of magnitudes and phases of excited oscillations on magnitudes and frequencies of exciting oscillation...

Janík, Dušan
Inteligentní pohony a mechatronické systémy s vestavěnou inteligencí

This dissertation deals with the problematics of multilevel converter control. The designed control algorithm has to be able to select such switching combination, which secures proper output voltage control and balancing of the voltage on single components of the converter, if required. ...

Danzer, Jiří
LOW - frequency currents in intermediate DC circuit of voltage inverter