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Kehl, Zdeněk , Glasberger, Tomáš , Streit, Luboš
Design of universal H-bridge converter for cascaded multilevel topologies

A new universal multi H-bridge converter is introduced in this paper. The main purpose of proposed universal converter is simple testing of modular multilevel topologies as CHB and M2LC topology. The whole converter is designed to fit a standard 2U height 19” rack mount enclos...

Vinš, Martin , Dragoun, Jaroslav , Sirový, Martin
Integration of battery energy storage in thermal power plant

The paper focus on the benefits of close integration of battery based energy storage directly into thermal plants. The attention is paid to use of the energy storage for primary frequency control in cooperation with classical steam turbine control. The model topology of the tu...

Kaska, Jan , Orosz, Tamás , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo , Pechánek, Roman , Pánek, David
Optimization of reluctance motor with printed rotor

A novel way of optimizing a reluctance motor with rotor manufactured by 3D printing technology is presented. The optimization algorithms must take into account the tolerances of its production that are generally higher compared with classical processing, which requires a high level of&#...

Veg, Lukáš , Laksar, Jan
Comparison of two types of cooling of axial flux permanent magnet machines by CFD simulation

Ševčík, Jakub , Šmídl, Václav , Votava, Martin
Identification of thermal model of power module using expectation-maximization algorithm

Šobra, Jan , Byrtus, Miroslav
Impact of electrical machine structural parts on its modal and vibration behavior

Veg, Lukáš , Laksar, Jan
Using CFD analysis to improve the pasive cooling of the high speed electrical machines body

Dragoun, Jaroslav , Šmídl, Václav
Adaptive control of LCL filter with time-varying parameters using reinforcement learning

Dragoun, Jaroslav , Talla, Jakub , Košan, Tomáš
Converter power losses computation by FPGA-based HIL simulator

Laksar, Jan , Hruška, Karel , Veg, Lukáš
Influence of machine geometry to the PMSM mathematical model

Glasberger, Tomáš , Košan, Tomáš , Molnár, Jan
Rack mounted low-profile indirect frequency converter

Bhajana, V.V.Subrahman. Kumar , Drábek, Pavel
A novel ZCS/ZVS bidirectional DC-DC converter for energy storage applications

Ševčík, Jakub , Přikryl, Jan
A vehicle device tailored for hybrid trolleybuses and overhead wires implementation in SUMO

Hruška, Karel , Laksar, Jan
A comprehensive approach to calculation of permanent magnet losses

Vinš, Martin , Sirový, Martin
Sodium-sulfur batteries for energy storage applications

Skala, Bohumil , Kindl, Vladimír , Drtina, Rene , Lokvenc, Jaroslav
Current sensor with low inductance

Skala, Bohumil , Hruška, Karel
Parallel winding of a synchronous generator

Komrska, Tomáš , Glasberger, Tomáš , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Minimum infinity norm-based PWM for three-phase four-leg converters

Control of four-leg voltage-source converters operating on three-phase systems traditionally faces the problem of transformation from a four-degrees of freedom (DOF) modulation space to a three-DOF output-voltage space. Contemporary, it is highly desirable to minimize the leg voltage, and consequently...

Streit, Luboš , Štěpánek, Jan , Komrska, Tomáš , Jára, Martin , Peroutka, Zdeněk
DC losses heatsink verification of IGBT converter for power systems

This paper deals with heatsink design and verification of IGBT-based full-bridge converter of rated power 150 kVA. The converter is designed for air cooling-based installation of total power 1.35 MVA operating in medium-voltage power system. In order to exactly determine the cooling abi...

Bhajana, V.V.Subrahman. Kumar , Drábek, Pavel
Novel ZCS transformerless high gain DC-DC converters for renewable energy conversion systems

This paper proposes new zero current switching (ZCS) transformerless high gain DC-DC converters for renewable energy conversion systems. A conventional high gain transformerless DC-DC converters derived with a simple auxiliary resonant network to obtain zero current switching (ZCS) turn-off condition&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63