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Přehled perspektivních technologií akumulace energie

The most promising technologies of energy accumulation for energy storages are mentioned in this paper. There are pumped hydro storages, compressed air energy storages, thermal energy storages and battery energy storages. These technologies are described by their principles and operational charac...

Veg, Lukáš
Vliv tepelné vodivosti v axiálním směru na celkový tepelný model vysokorychlostního PMSM

The subject of presented paper is research of impact on the change of thermal conductivity of stator lamination of high synchronous machine in axial direction. The thermal model of PMSM is calculated for different values of thermal conductivity in axial direction. The results are&#...

Ševčík, Jakub
Stochastický simulátor spotřeby parciálního trolejbusu – srovnání kalibrace

In this paper, a mathematical model for a prediction of energy consumption of electric buses or hybrid trolleybuses is briefly presented and two different approaches for a calibration of the model are discussed. A comparison of differently calibrated simulators is performed on the ...

Laksar, Jan
Použití Schwarz-Christoffelovy transformace ve výpočtech elektrických strojů

One of the methods additional to finite element analysis is presented in this paper. The Schwarz-Christoffel (SC) transformation was used to the Carters factor derivation. Today, the numerical SC transformation is used to describe the air gap magnetic field and evaluate the back EM...

Kroneisl, Michal
Nastavení parametrů prediktivního řízení pro potlačení elektromagnetického hluku pohonu

This paper shows how to tune control algorithm of electric drive to reduce its electromagnetic noise. The used algorithm is based on FCS-MPC (Finite Control Set – Model predictive control) and it employs filters for spectrum shaping. The algorithm is implemented, measured and compa...

Krejčí, Vít
Inovace lineárního posuvu fotoaparátu

This project is based on the first type of linear camera slider which makes several improves of construction and directions option of camera motion. Design of mechanical construction is focused on weight with a strong emphasis on the solidity of the rails line. The primary...

Kehl, Zdeněk , Glasberger, Tomáš
Tříúrovňový výkonový měnič NPP

A topology of a three level neutral point piloted (NPP) is described. There are some interesting features e.q. lower switching and blocking voltages in comparison with 2L-VSC topology or soft switching of bidirectional switch, if the special PWM modulator is used. The main disadvan...

Kalaj, Patrik
Modelování elektromechanické interakce v pohonu – vliv měření otáček na hřídeli převodovky pohonu při regulaci rychlosti

The paper deals with creating of complex model covering both electrical and mechanical models of the drive and their mutual interaction. High-speed PMSM machine is used along with 3-stage reduction gearbox. The mechanical model takes into account torsional vibration only. The complex mo...

Glac, Antonín
Optimální řízení IPMSM s uvažováním statorového odporu

This paper presents the implementation of feedforward optimal control of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM), where stator resistance is not neglected. Proposed method improves the efficiency of a drive.

Frank, Zdeněk
Návrh a konstrukce synchronního soustrojí

The paper deals with a complete manufacture of a synchronous machinery for educational purposes. The main targets of the design is creation of a machinery which clearly shows all constructional components of used machines, its overall dimensions allow easy transportation between education&#x...

Dragoun, Jaroslav
Elektrická výzbroj sportovního trenažeru

This paper describes development of stationary bike, which is able to produce and store electrical energy. Device consist of BLDC motor, used as generator, connected to stationary bike and power electronics managing the flow of the energy. Electrical energy from the generator can b...

Čermák, Radek
Model a návrh motoru elektrického vozidla

This work deals with thermal design of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The designed motor is the in-wheel traction motor for automotive application. The motor consists of an external rotor and inner stator with water cooling system. The thermal calculation is based on th...

Světlík, Pavel
Stavba tokem spínaného stroje s permanentními magnety

This paper deals with the construction of the flux-switching permanent magnet machine (FSPM). The machine was constructed to verify finite element models. The machine itself is shortly described with all its separate parts. Complete machine is if fully operational but works ...

Bláha, Štěpán , Komrska, Tomáš , Šmídl, Václav , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Anti-windup kompenzace LQ řízení jednofázového měniče s LCL filtrem

The aim of this article was to describe design and verification of antiwindup compensation for LQ control of single-phase converter with LCL filter. The Matlab environment is used for verification of proposed design.

Poljak, Ladislav , Drábek, Pavel
Nabíječky trakčních baterií pro elektrická vozidla

In this paper, topologies of chargers of traction batteries for electric vehicles are described. First part is dedicated to possible options for realization chargers for electric propulsion. Pros and cons of those options are mentioned in theoretical chapter. Next part is c...

Novák, Radek
Sběrnice AS-Interface

This paper deals with the AS-Interface communication bus system. The first section discusses the ISO/OSI reference model, bus topologies, channel access methods, encoding and decoding of messages and data security. The following section discusses the proposal of laboratory layout for testing...

Šobra, Jan
Vibrace asynchronního stroje buzené jednostranným magnetickým tahem při různých poruchách rotoru

Experimental analyses of squirrel-cage induction machine vibrations under several rotor fault conditions causing unbalanced magnetic pull are carried out in the paper. These fault conditions include dynamic eccentricity, different number of broken rotor bars and one case of fault com...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 37 of 37