Katedra teoretické elektrotechniky / Department of Electrical Engineering Theory

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Nikolayev, Denys
Numerické modelování speciálních antén pro použití v biomedicíně

Progress in implantable and ingestible wireless biotelemetry requires versatile and efficient antennas to communicate reliably from a body. We propose an miniature antennas immune to impedance detuning caused by varying electromagnetic properties of the surrounding biological environment. It is design...

Hamar, Roman , Kropík, Petr , Šroubová, Lenka
Induced losses in linear equipment buried near an overhead power line

This work focused on the influence of an overhead power line on buried linear equipment (cable, pipeline). Its aim was to analyze the volumetric losses in buried linear equipment as a function of the distance from an overhead power line. The computations were performed numeric...

Benešová, Zdeňka , Kropík, Petr , Šroubová, Lenka , Štekl, Pavel
E-learning: our experience

Preuss, Petr
Duality and infinity in theory of electrical engineering

Mayer, Daniel , Kropík, Petr
Contribution to the minimization of looses in three-phase line