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Nazarčík, Tomáš
Analýza přenosu energie na kombinovaných vedeních

This thesis deals with an analysis of the electric power transmission on the combined transmission lines with circuits of different voltages. In the first part the electromagnetic field distribution is analysed including the discussion of the factors, that have the influence on results....

Kacerovský, Jan
Elektrostatický separátor plastových materiálů

The dissertation deals with the electrostatic separator of plastic materials. In the introduction there are mentioned the current problems of the plastic waste management, coupled with the necessity of separation of mixtures of plastics materials, current technologies and principles of electrosta...

Pavlíček, Karel
Využití metamodelu při návrhu a řízení elektrotechnických zařízení

The thesis deals with possibilities to reduce complex models computantional costs in the domain of electrical engineering. Mathematics, particulary by a system of partial and ordinary differential equations, can be used to describe physical phenomenas. Such equations are in engineering applicatio...

Slobodník, Karel
Nedestruktivní testování vodivých materiálů s využitím vířivých proudů

The dissertation thesis deals with the non-destructive testing technology using eddy currents pulsed by the pulse magnetic field. In the introduction it focuses on the current state of the non-destructive defectoscopy, the technology used and the principles of the use of eddy currents.&...

Korous, Lukáš
Numerické modelování sdružených úloh diferenciálními metodami vyššího řádu přesnosti

The objective of this Doctoral Thesis was to develop, implement and test new algorithms for the large-scale solution of nonstationary compressible MHD equations based on higher-order discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods. The basis for the new methods will be the discontinuous Galerkin methods...

Nikolayev, Denys
Numerické modelování speciálních antén pro použití v biomedicíně

Progress in implantable and ingestible wireless biotelemetry requires versatile and efficient antennas to communicate reliably from a body. We propose an miniature antennas immune to impedance detuning caused by varying electromagnetic properties of the surrounding biological environment. It is design...

Mach, František
Numerické modelování fyzikálních polí diferenciálními metodami vyššího řádu přesnosti

The presented dissertation thesis deals with a modern domain of mathematical modeling that is represented by the connection of numerical solution of mathematical models, their analysis and also optimization. This topic is of a very high importance and its development brings to scientifi...

Koudela, Lukáš
Numerické modelování úloh s interakcí fyzikálních polí a obvodů

This thesis deals with the numerical modeling of magneto-thermo-elastic processes that needs to be considered during heating in the field of thermal clamping technology. Thermoelastic phenomenon is described as a physical process, which is used for connecting the tool shanks and thermal ...

Předota, Antonín
Modelování rázových jevů ve vinutí elektrických strojů

The first section of this paper deals with mathematical model formulating. The model is based on a circuit with distributed parameters and transient phenomena are considered. Typical connections are modeled and the voltage and the current time-space distribution in the transformer winding&#x...

Červený, Jakub
Higher-order algorithms for modelling of physical fields

This dissertation focuses on the development of algorithms for automatically adaptive hp-FEM that can be used to solve both stationary and time-dependent partial differential equations (PDEs) in two spatial dimensions. The hp-FEM is an advanced version of the classical finite element method&...

Polcar, Petr
Teorie nelineárních elektromechanických systémů

This paper deals with the usage of magnetic fluids in electromechanical systems. The opening part includes critical overview of present applications of magnetic fluids, their producers, composition and known physical properties. Following chapters contain designs original applications and innovative a...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11