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Zoubek, Michal , Poór, Peter , Broum, Tomáš , Šimon, Michal
Methodology proposal for storage rationalization implementing principles of industry 4.0. In a technology – driven warehouse

The main topic of the paper is storage rationalization. Specifically, the proposal of a methodology related to the rationalization of storage systems in warehouses of industrial companies. The methodology emphasizes the new concept of Warehouse 4.0, including Industry 4.0 warehouse applications&#...

Pekarčíková, Miriam , Trebuňa, Peter , Kliment, Marek , Edl, Milan , Rosocha, Ladislav

Production must be adapted to the needs of the product structure while meeting the economic requirements of low cost. As processes will be monitored, managed and optimized in near real-time, decentralization of decision-making processes will also increase. Due to the heterogeneous structure&...

Kalvas, František , Váně, Jan , Basl, Josef
Postoj vedení strojírenských podniků v Plzeňském kraji k pracovní síle v kontextu zavádění Průmyslu 4.0

The article investigates the attitudes of the management of medium and large engineering companies in the Plzen region to their workforces, and attempts to estimate the extent to which the advent of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) poses a threat to ordinary employees. A questionnaire survey&#x...

Hořejší, Petr , Šimon, Michal , Novikov, Konstantin
A Smart Factory in a Smart City: Virtual and Augmented Reality in a Smart Assembly Line

Increasingly, the smart city space is requiring a reconceptualization of forms and factors of production, including factories and their place in the smart city space. Factories have always been a part of the city and many people spend a significant part of their lives there.&#...

Broum, Tomáš , Šimon, Michal
Safety requirements related to collaborative robots in the Czech Republic

Poór, Peter , Basl, Josef
Predictive maintenance as an intelligent service in Industry 4.0

Current trend of digitization offers a whole new approach to providing maintenance services. From sensors to cloud, production data is a unique opportunity to declare a real added value for maintenance work. Predictive maintenance is one of the key elements of the Industry 4.0 ...

Ženíšek, David , Šimon, Michal , Basl, Josef , Poor, Peter
Údržba v Průmyslu 4.0 dnes

Vránek, Pavel , Šimon, Michal
Implementace JIT na expedičních zónách

Rybnikár, Filip , Kleinová, Jana
Změna uspořádání pracoviště za účelem zvýšení objemu výroby

Novikov, Konstantin , Kleinová, Jana
Moderní trendy v TPV

Martirosov, Sergo , Matulin, Marko
Measuring the effects of video streaming quality in Virtual Reality experience

In this paper we present a methodology of measuring Virtual Reality (VR) experience while simulating various video streaming conditions. For that, we used four different videos, a VR headset and a video editing software, where specific changes were made to video clips in order ...

Malaga, Miroslav , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Koncept STEM se zaměřením na problematiku Industry 4.0

Kačerová, Ilona , Kába, Martin
Využití biomechanických systémů pro hodnocení lokální svalové zátěže

Kába, Martin , Kačerová, Ilona
Vliv polohy lokte a zápěstí na výsledky EMG - předběžné výsledky

Broum, Tomáš
Hodnocení návrhu produktu s ohledem na jeho souhrnné funkce

Ambros, Martin , Kleinová, Jana
Benchmarking a vybrané oblasti jeho použití

Poór, Peter , Basl, Josef
Overview of current issues in industry 4.0 implementation

The main purpose of this article is to deal with the situation and implementation of Industry 4.0. The first part of the article is informative – it guides the reader with the evolution of industry (first – fourth industrial revolutions). The following part deals directly ...

Krupa, Patryk , Gabrielewicz, Izabela , Edl, Milan , Pantya, Peter , Patalas-Maliszewska, Justyna
Survey questionnaire for the study on occupational safety culture in a production plant: construction and statistical verification of data correctness

The article presents the issue related with a proper preparation of a data sheet for the analysis, the way of verifying the correctness and reliability of input information, and proper data encoding. Improper input or coding of data can significantly influence the correctness of&#x...

Trebuna, Peter , Pekarčíková, Miriam , Edl, Milan
Digital value stream mapping using the tecnomatix plant simulation software

Value Stream Mapping is a common and widely used method of industrial engineering. It creates a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of improving the production flow of the company as a whole and eliminates the introduction of incremental measures that would reduce the flexi...

Ahmad, Jamil , Latif, Muhammad , Hořejší, Petr
Investigation of an Elevator Dispatcher System

To provide an efficient elevator system, a variety of diverse and sometimes conflicting constraints have to be solved. This paper focuses on using discrete event simulation as a means to model and explore elevator dispatching strategies. Witness simulation software has been used as ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21