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Nolčová, Lucie , Vágnerová, Petra
Zajímavá a motivující výuka řas a sinic na základních a středních školách

Teaching of algae and cyanobacteria topic in primary and secondary schools is often sporadic and does not leave enough of knowledge or experience in students. Usual problems are unexciting presentation of this topic, lack of motivation, lack of exercises and little em...

Kout, Jiří , Sádlíková, Martina
Neobvyklé houby ve výuce na různých stupních vzdělávání v rámci laboratorních prací

The article presents a proposal of laboratory work in biology for which we selected a group of stromatic fungi (Pyrenomycetes) from Ascomycota. The origin for the selection of this unusual group of fungi was, that the less known groups of fungi may be more&#...

Kout, Jiří
Snadno určitelné choroše vhodné pro demonstraci na biologických exkurzích

The article presents ten easily identifi ed polypores as suitable species for demonstration at fi eld trips. The species can be demonstrated also in outside the vegetation season. The species are described with regard to important macroscopic features. All species ar...

Kaufnerová, Veronika
Metody izolace a kultivace sinic a řas pro potřeby výuky na základních a středních školách

Despite the fact that cyanobacteria and algae are a common part of freshwater ecosystems, these organisms are still neglected in elementary and secondary education. The reason could be caused by planning of algological theme during late autumn and winter months. In th...

Kout, Jiří
Doporučení pro mikroskopická cvičení z hub na základních a středních školách

A practical part of education about Fungi is executed mainly by microscopy of Agaricus , yeast-plants and some moulds at the high school. This contribution off ers more suitable materials for observation of reproductive structures of Ascomycota &...