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Recent Submissions

Vlasák, Josef , Kout, Jiří , Chen, Quian , Dai, Yu-Cheng
Fuscoporia caymanensis sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetaceae), a new species from tropical America

Fuscoporia caymanensis sp. nov. is described from tropical America. It is characterized by perennial, extensive, resupinate to indistinctly effused-reflexed basidiomata; a very thin to almost absent subiculum; multi-layered tubes with a black line between each layer; a dimitic hyphal system with&...

Pavelka, Jaroslav , Šmejda, Ladislav , Kučková, Štěpánka , Menšík, Petr
Challenge to molecular archaeology—Sediments contaminated by allochthonous animal proteins

In this work we proposed a novel methodological approach to detect and differentiate between cooked and uncooked animal meat protein in archaeological samples. We tested two groups of materials: ceramic dated to the early medieval period (9th–10th centuries CE) and soil samples collecte...

Mergl, Michal
The cuticles of (?) thylacocephalan arthropod from the Basal Choteč Event (Choteč Formation, Eifelian; Barrandian area, Czech Republic)

Small fragments of phosphatic cuticle have been observed in dark limestone of the early Eifelian age (Choteč Formation) in the interval of the Basal Choteč Event. The cuticle is two-layered, primarily folded, with a chamber between outer and inner walls. Fragments likely represent ...

Holec, Jan , Kout, Jiří
Pařezník tuhý ‒ panellus ringens – vzácná nebo přehlížená houba?

The article summarises data on the distribution and ecology of Panellus ringens in the Czech Republic. So far, only four localities are known, one in the Krkonoše Mts., two in Šumava Mts. and one in Tachovská brázda basin. All collections come from rather thin branches of...

Mergl, Michal
Problematic sclerites Eurytholia from the Lower and Middle Devonian of the Czech Republic

Problematic phosphatic sclerites Eurytholia are reported for the first time from the Middle Devonian. Unequivocal sclerites were observed in limestones of Emsian to late Eifelian age in six localities of the Barrandian area of the Central Bohemia of the Czech Republic. Formerly observed...