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Recent Submissions

Vlach, Pavel , Fischer, David
Nové poznatky o rozšíření raků v CHKO Brdy

In 2016, a detailed mapping campaign concerning a crayfish occurrence took place in the Brdy Protected Landcape Area (PLA). This contribution evaluates the results of this mapping campaign, compares with present knowledge about the presence and the basic characteristics of crayfish populatio...

Křenová, Zdeňka , Zýval, Vladimír , Zýval, Vladimír jr. , Chocholoušková, Zdeňka
Increasing concentration of deicing salt in soils in the Bavarian Forest National Park

The negative effects of applying deicing salts to ecosystems are well documented for many countries. Most chemical transport from roads occurs in stormwater runoff through or over soil. Runoff pollutants alter soil chemistry, may be absorbed by plants and afect stream ecosystems, where&...

Walter, Jan
Noční Makrolepidoptera lokality Střelnice u Horní Břízy

A survey of the night macrolepidopteran fauna was performed in the forest shooting range near Horní Bříza using a light trap, and a white sheet with UV lamp. In total, 209 macro-moth species representing 10 families were recorded in 2017. The most frequently trapped species&#x...

Walter, Jan , Kadlec, Tomáš , Štrobl, Martin
Recentní nálezy píďalky pestrokřídlé ( Horisme radicaria ) v České republice (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

This article presents recent findings of Horisme radicaria (La Harpe, 1855), supplemented by available historical records from the Czech Republic. The species is already known from a number of localities, in Bohemia only from the vicinity of Srbsko in the Bohemian Karst Protected L...

Horák, Jakub , Brestovanská, Tereza , Mladenović, Strahinja , Kout, Jiří , Bogusch, Petr , Halda, Josef , Zasadil, Petr
Green desert?: Biodiversity patterns in forest plantations

Forest plantations represent a globally important land use, and their growth is expected to triple by the end of the century. Therefore, they could represent an important habitat remnant to support the survival of species. We measured the impact of forest plantations on biodiversit...