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Recent Submissions

Weiner, Tomáš , Weinerová, Hedvika , Mergl, Michal , Kalvoda, Jiří , Gregorová, Růžena
Carboniferous limestone boulder from the Badenian clastics (Carpathian Foredeep, Czech Republic): A useful data source on the Palaeozoic of the Moravosilesian Basin

The lower Badenian basal and marginal clastics of the Carpathian Foredeep represent a useful source of information on the Palaeozoic units of the Moravosilesian Basin (Bohemian Massif). This study addresses in detail a Tournaisian limestone boulder from a locality near Kučerov village. ...

Mergl, Michal , Šmídtová, Nikola
Dendritické vrtby v miskách ramenonožců ze středního devonu (eifelu) pražské pánve (Barrandien, Česká republika)

Three ichnospecies of dendritic borings (Clionolithes cf. cervicornis, C. isp. A, and C. isp. B) were observed in abundant brachiopod shells in the Třebotov Formation (lowermost Eifelian, zone Polygnathus partitus) in two Prague localities (Praha–Holyně, “V rokli”, and Praha–Barrandov, street “K&...

Mergl, Michal
First record of Podichnus in byronid shell from the Lower Devonian (Pragian) of the Prague Basin, Czechia

Brachiopod etching trace Podichnus, typically with centrifugally arranged clusters of holes or slits, has hitherto been known only in calcium carbonate substrates. The similar etching trace is newly described on calcium phosphate substrate. The trace Podichnus isp. in a wall of a phosph...

BENES, Jaromir , TODOROSKA, Valentina , BUDILOVA, Kristyna , KOVARNIK, Jaromir , Pavelka, Jaroslav , ATANASOSKA, Nevenka , BUMEL, Jiri , FLORENZANO, Assunta , MAJEROVICOVA, Tereza , VONDROVSKY, Vaclav , PTAKOVA, Michaela , BEDNAR, Petr , RICHTERA, Lukas , KUCERA, Lukas
What about dinner? Chemical and microresidue analysis reveals the function of late neolithic ceramic pans.

The Late Neolithic palafitte site, Ustie na Drim, in the northern part of Lake Ohrid (North Macedonia), excavated in 1962, offered ceramic fragments of large, flat, elongated pans. These artifacts could be dated by relative chronology to roughly around 5200–5000 BC. According to th...

Němcová, Jana , Cerna, Katerina , Rob, Filip , Smahelova, Jana , Tresnak Hercogova, Jana , Marx, Josef , Traxmandlová, Iva , Ondic, Ondrej
Prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus DNA and mRNA and its association with abnormal anal cytology in the Czech male anal cancer screening cohort

Anal cancer (AC) screening is justified in high-risk populations, particularly HIV-positive men having sex with men (MSM). HR-HPV testing could improve the efficiency of cytologically based screening of AC, as in the screening of biologically analogical cervical cancer. The specificity of HR...