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Recent Submissions

Malina, Ondřej , Musil, Jan , Netolický, Petr
Změny sídlištních struktur v okolí Ronova nad Doubravou

Chemical analysis of archaeological objects is an important part of current investigations. In the presented study, a soil from an archaeological vessel from rescue excavation close to the village Držovice (Central Moravia Region, Czech Republic; findings dated to Eneolithic period) was anal...

Noháčová, Lucie , Žák, František , Hulec, Martin , Bělík, Milan , Olkhovskiy, Mikhail
The influence of load on the transformers on the size of their own losses

We examined the value of targeted molecular screening for the identification of uterine anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)- rearranged mesenchymal tumors, including ALK immunohistochemistry followed by molecular genetic testing, in all uterine leiomyosarcomas and STUMPs (smooth muscle tumors of uncertain...

Jůza, Tomáš , Duras, Jindřich , Blabolil, Petr , Sajdlová, Zuzana , Hess, Josef , Chocholoušková, Zdeňka , Kubečka, Jan
Recovery of the Velky Bolevecky Pond (Plzen, Czech Republic) via biomanipulation - Key study for management.

Promotion of successful examples of biomanipulation and long-term monitoring is important for encouragement of similar activities, which are still relatively scarce. A project to improve water quality in the Velky Bolevecky pond (Plzeň, Czech Republic) began in 2006. The main activities in&#...

Malysheva, Vera , Spirin, Viacheslav , Miettinen, Otto , Kout, Jiří , Savchenko, Anton , Larsson, Karl-Henrik
On Craterocolla and Ditangium (Sebacinales, Basidiomycota)

In the present paper, we select a neotype for Tremella cerasi and prove that it is conspecific with Ditangium insigne (the genus type of Ditangium).We argue that Ditangium should be restored as a correct genus for T. cerasi, while the currently used generic name Craterocolla&#...

Vágnerová, Petra , Benediktová, Lenka , Kout, Jiří
Kritická místa ve výuce přírodopisu: jejich identifikace a příčiny

This contribution solves point of critical issues of the biology curriculum and follows Vágnerová et al. (2018), who dealt with the terminology and methodology of research of critical issues in biology for the 6th grade of lower-secondary school. There were defined basic concepts (...