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Recent Submissions

Malysheva, Vera , Spirin, Viacheslav , Miettinen, Otto , Kout, Jiří , Savchenko, Anton , Larsson, Karl-Henrik
On Craterocolla and Ditangium (Sebacinales, Basidiomycota)

In the present paper, we select a neotype for Tremella cerasi and prove that it is conspecific with Ditangium insigne (the genus type of Ditangium).We argue that Ditangium should be restored as a correct genus for T. cerasi, while the currently used generic name Craterocolla&#...

Vágnerová, Petra , Benediktová, Lenka , Kout, Jiří
Kritická místa ve výuce přírodopisu: jejich identifikace a příčiny

This contribution solves point of critical issues of the biology curriculum and follows Vágnerová et al. (2018), who dealt with the terminology and methodology of research of critical issues in biology for the 6th grade of lower-secondary school. There were defined basic concepts (...

Pluháčková, Markéta , Duffek, Václav , Stacke, Václav , Mentlík, Pavel
Kritická místa ve výuce zeměpisu na ZŠ: identifikovaná kritická místa a jejich příčiny

This paper focuses on the critical spots in geography curriculum of lower secondary school and presents methods of its identification and resolving. We used semi-structured interviews and focus groups with 23 teachers to identify the most critical spots in the 6th grade geography e...

Zíbarová, Lucie , Kout, Jiří , Kříž, Martin
First records of Cartilosoma rene-hentic (Polyporales) in the Czech Republic

The recently described polypore Cartilosoma rene-hentic is recorded, described and illustrated from several localities in the Czech Republic for the first time. Its identity was confirmed both based on morphology and by sequencing ITS regions. The species variability and ecology is discussed...

Pavelka, Jaroslav
CRISPR: Nová kapitola do učebnic biologie pro střední školy

The article appeals to secondary school lecturers to include some information about current surveys that are likely to affect most of the population. Molecular genetics seems to have revolutionized, and a students and lecturers should work with current trends. We describe trusted...