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Recent Submissions

Bláha, Jaroslav
Neapolská opera pozdního baroka a rokoková malba jako východisko

The starting point of the thematic block focused on opera and historical painting of the classicism and romanticism periods is the late baroque opera of the Neapolitan school. Both the conceptual changes - the division of the original universal type of dramma per musica into&#...

Bláha, Jaroslav
Interdisciplinary Literacy as Complex Communication with Reality

Nowadays, we are living in a multimedia environment which is a natural synthesis of various forms of communication. A similar situation thus occurs in the field of art, being an equally natural consequence of the gradual disruption and blurring of boundaries between individual art&...

Vančát, Jaroslav
Strukturní pojetí sémiotického modelu jako základ porozumění účinkům obrazového znaku

Perceiving artistic creation, we believe that what we see in the paintings appears to us spontaneously and immediately. However, when we distin - guish between realistic and abstract works, or for some paintings we also talk about their magical, symbolic or mythical effects, or...

Kirschenmann-Tenter, Johannes
Distanz, Begegnung und Perspektive. Material in Hybridunterricht als Chance

Contemporary art in the classroom: How can reactions in contemporary and historical art be used to address the relationship between "art and Corona" in art lessons, based on three artistic positions?

Kirschenmann-Tenter, Johannes
Rezeption Konstellationen einer komplexen Lehrprofessionalität