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Marešová, Petra , Hálek, Vítězslav
Deployment of cloud computing in small and medium size enterprises in the Czech republic

Globalisation is a phenomenon that is reflected in all spheres of social life. Information technologies have a key role in globalisation. Thanks to them is possible to divide labour on a global scale, monitoring and use of comparative advantages (for the raw materials, ...

Řepa, Václav
Procesní management ve veřejné správě

The article develops the idea of using the principles of business process-oriented management in public administration. Compared with the market-oriented organizations the area of public administration is more complex and abstract which makes the projects...

Sucháček, Jan , Seďa, Petr , Friedrich, Václav , Koutský, Jaroslav
Media portrayals of regions in the Czech republic: selected issues

Amount of information provided by media is growing virtually every day. Surprisingly, attention devoted to the spatial implications of media information is far from sufficient. Existing researches bring ample evidence that TV coverage embodies media agenda in a satisfactory manner as&...

Karlíček, Miroslav , Chytková, Zuzana , Tyll, Ladislav , Mohelská, Hana
Barriers of marketing effectiveness and efficiency within companies: a qualitative study

Market orientation can be defined as the company’s ability to systematically generate relevant information about current and latent customer needs, spread this information across all company departments and use this information in decision making and subsequent behavior. Current res...

Slabá, Marie , Štarchoň, Peter , Jáč, Ivan
Identification and prioritization of key stakeholder groups in marketing communication of colleges

This paper shows the possibility of using the Stakeholder Circle Methodology for the identification and prioritization of key stakeholder groups for the purpose of marketing communication in colleges. At the beginning, we emphasize the necessity of the use of marketing communications&...