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Recent Submissions

Toader, Liviu , Paraschiv, Dorel , Dinu, Vasile , Manea, Daniela , Mihai, Mihaela
The effects of private sector companies’ research and development investments on the adoption of cloud computing services in the European Union

As European economies rely more and more on know-how and technology, the importance of investment in research and development, especially from the private sector, is increasing. Private investment in research and development leads to innovation and the creation of know-how and technologies&#...

Hernaus, Ana Ivanisevic , Zoricic, Davor , Dolinar, Denis
How competitive is SRI in developing financial markets: The case of Central and Eastern Europe

This study investigates the competitiveness of sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) in Central and Eastern European (CEE) financial markets. Specifically, we examined whether a statistically significant measurable difference in the return and volatility between an SRI index and two conventiona...

Bădițoiu, Bianca Raluca , Ioan, Roxana , Munteanu, Valentin Partenie , Buglea, Alexandru
Investors’ reactions on the publication of integrated reports. Evidence from European stock markets

The last decades brought to stock market investors’ attention several key issues regarding companies’ activity, besides the financial statements. These issues, such as environmental, social, or corporate governance policies are nowadays included in integrated reports issued by many listed companies&#x...

Lyeonov, Serhiy , Bilan, Yurii , Kuzmenko, Olha , Krukhmal, Olena , Vasa, László
Strategic management, scenario analysis and competitive advantage analysis: New opportunities for anti-money laundering system reform

The article identifies and mathematically substantiates vectors of reforming the financial monitoring system based on the synergistic approach in the cross-country context by developing scenarios by selecting internal and external factors that stimulate money laundering. The key external and internal&...

Wang, Yijing , Wang, Changfeng
The dark side of knowledge transfer: A visual analysis using VOSviewer

Building the core competitiveness and improving the innovation performance of the team is becoming increasingly important to keep pace with changing economic environments and emerging technological opportunities. However, the dark side of knowledge transfer can lead to a series of harmful co...