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Recent Submissions

Kita, Pavol , Křižan, František , Bilková, Kristína , Zeman, Milan , Siviček, Tomáš
Comparison of grocery shopping behaviour of slovak residents on the Slovak-Austrian border: An empirical study – Hainburg an der Donau

Food is a part of human life, forming its existential and cultural basis. It also has become the basis of trade and a measure of the level of one or another culture, the engine of economic development. All these themes resonate more and more in debates in Slovak...

Petrů, Naděžda , Kramoliš, Jan , Stuchlík, Peter
Marketing tools in the era of digitization and their use in practice by family and other businesses

This article addresses Marketing 4.0 as an exceptionally dynamic field for company competitiveness that is evolving rapidly. The main goal of this article is to evaluate and compare the overall level of use of modern marketing tools in practice by family and non-family businesses,&...

Saco, Manuela , Galiano, Aida , Rodríguez, Vicente
Learning from the sales conversion rate throughout its product life cycle analysis: A case of study for the Spanish automotive sector

The scientific literature has not considered that the conversion rate in sales could have an irregular behaviour throughout the Product Life Cycle (PLC). The main contribution of this article is to reveal this unequal behaviour of the conversion rate in each of the phases of&#...

Witek-Hajduk, Marzanna Katarzyna , Zaborek, Piotr
Cooperation and competition in manufacturer-key retailer relationships: A business model perspective

The study investigates relationships between manufacturers and their key retailers in the Polish durable consumer goods industry from the manufacturer’s perspective. The importance of this topic has been growing with such global phenomena in retailing as concentration and internationalization, the...

Mazurek-Kusiak, Anna
Determinants of the selection of travel agencies on polish tourist services market

The aim of the paper is to present differences regarding the sources of searching for information about the travel agency, the determinants which the respondents follow when purchasing tourist events in a given travel agency and the main purposes of the journey, taking into ac...