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Povolný, V. , Laposa, A. , Voves, J.
Inkjet printed structures sintered with intense pulse light

The possibility of using intense pulsed light to sinter silver ink deposited on a PET (poly(ethylene terephthalate)) substrate by Inkjet printing is investigated. Variations of pulse length and energy are sequentially applied to the printed structures. Furthermore, the effect of multiple ill...

Hurban, M. , Szendiuch, I.
Vliv koeficientu přenosu tepla na pájení přetavením

Reflow soldering is nowadays the most used method of connecting electronic components into product. Soldering itself is done at temperatures between 235°C - 245°C. Effectivnes of heat transfer is a very important part of the process.This temperature is very high for some com...

Duz, A. , Šteffan, P.
Energy Harvesting Technologies: roadway transportation and atmospheric water gathering in Smart City

One of the main parts of the "Smart City" concept is energy sustainability. The increasing number of people in cities increases the consumption of electrical energy. To solve this problem, energy harvesting and conversion devices (EHCDs) are developed. These devices&#...

Bouřa, A.
Heating-island test bench for thermal energy harvesting characterization

The paper presents characterization test bench for thermal electric generators (TEG). It is basically a heating island, that is supplied by a constant power and the thermoelectric generators are used to harvest the energy back to the useful load. This test simulates practical appli...

Kohout, Jan , Šroubová, Lenka
Modeling of the heat transfer in the switchboard cabinet

This paper deals with the modeling of a heat transfer in the switchboard cabinet by using the COMSOL Multiphysics software. The heat transfer field distribution can be seen from a typical example and discussion of its results. Furthermore, the results of simulations&#...