Recent Submissions

Preuss, Petr
Unfortunate dilemmas in theory of electrical engineering

The paper represents (to some extent in the form of a feuilleton) an essay on some essential postulates of the theory of electrical engineering. Although nowadays their modification is already no longer real and desirable, it is possible to notice that their opposite ve...

Henzl, Ctibor , Rozhon, Jan
„Curvilinear squares“ in the teaching of electric fields

The method of “the curvilinear squares” was first described by Dr. Lehmann in year 1909 [1]. It allows a graphical solution of partial differential equations of the elliptic type. It was used for solving technical problems in the first half of last century. More ef...

Dejmek, Jiří , Štekl, Pavel
E-learning courses and its efectivity in the technical subject studies

Submitted paper demonstrates the example of efficiency distance learning in engineering education. In this paper are described contributions and important positive and negative parameters of this style of students work for technician praxis, namely in electrochemistry.

Dědková, Jarmila
Multimedia and electronic tools support of electrical engineering education at feec but

There is widely extended ITC supported education at many of universities today. The paper presents some experiences from the utilizing of the multimedia material, electronic texts and interactive teaching in an education process at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communicati...

Brančík, Lubomír
Education of analogue electronic circuits subject in Ect bachelor field of study

The subject Analoque electronic circuits plays important role within the framework of three-years bachelor field of study Electronics and communication technology at FEEC BUT in Brno. The paper discusses restructuring and innovative steps implemented in the light of requirements resulting from&#x...