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Linne, Eva Marie
Part-load operation of mini cogeneration plants in medium voltage grids

This paper deals with control strategies for mini cogeneration plants (short: CGP) in medium voltage grids. The aim of the paper is to explain and to minimize the trade-off between highest electrical efficiency in electrical energy production and the needs of energy reserve caused&...

Adamec, Michal , Beran, Miloš
Connection of renewable resources to power grid

This paper deals with the connection of distributed resources. It is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to renewable energy resources. The review of these resources will help to determine if they could reduce the global warming and if they could play a significa...

Hlubeň, Daniel , Kolcun, Michal , Rusnák, Jozef
Classification and calculation of electric energy losses in distribution network

The paper entitled “Classification and calculation of electric energy losses in distribution networks” deals with the problem of the losses division for an operative calculation in distribution companies.

Mészáros, Alexander , Beňa, Ľubomír , Rusnák, Jozef
Challenges to optimization techniques in a deregulated environment

Power engineering is the oldest and most traditional of the various areas within electrical engineering, yet no other facet of modern technology is currently undergoing a more dramatic revolution in both technology and industry structure. One of the more impressive areas of technical&#x...

Mešter, Marián , Rusnák, Jozef
Hydrogen production from biomass

The future vision for hydrogen is that it will be cost-effectively produced from renewable energy sources and made available for widespread use as an energy carrier and a fuel. Biomass has the potential to accelerate the realisation of hydrogen as a major fuel of the futu...

Varga, Ladislav , Ilenin, Stanislav
Intelligent installation system and DALI save energy

This paper deals with the intelligent building installation system and integration DALI interface (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface) in a higher-ranking building management system such as the European Installation Bus (EIB). This combination opens up a whole new range of options to desi...

Tkáč, Ján , Hvizdoš, Marek
Distributed generation and renewable energy sources for sustainable life

This article deals with utilisation of renewable energy sources with orientation on their benefits and handicaps. Possibilities of distributed generation and utilisation of the renewable energy sources are also mentioned. Actual conditions of these sources within the European Union are analysed,&...

Medveď, Dušan
Wind turbine design

This paper deals with main design of wind turbine concerning with structure of wind turbines, option between vertical and horizontal axis wind turbines to optimising count of rotor blades.

Kurajda, Marek
Optimal power flow considering operation of wind parks and pump storage hydro units under integration of renewable energy sources

The purpose of this article is to describe a module that solves the optimal power flow in a power system, which includes wind parks and pump storage hydro units owned by Independent Power Producers (IPP) under large-scale integration of dispatchable renewable energy sources (RES).&...

Mészáros, Alexander
Price-based unit commitment

There are two major objectives in establishing an electricity market: ensuring a secure operation and facilitating an economical operation. Security is the most important aspect of the power system operation be it a regulated operation or a restructured power market. In a restructured&#...

Džmura, Jaroslav , Petráš, Jaroslav , Balogh, Jozef
Solid particles separation from smoke streams with the help of electrostatic precipitators powered by AC voltage

This paper deals with the possibility of charging and transporting macroscopic particles in AC electric field. The model of electric precipitator with dielectric collector electrode powered by AC high voltage was constructed and tested in a great number experiments. The precipitation efficie...

Zvolenský, Eduard
The biomass

Biomass is considered an important energy resource in many developing countries. The investigation of biomass supply options is often an integrated part of regional development projects all over the world. Increased environmental-political opposition to the use of fossil fuels and nuclear en...

Bánes, Miroslav
Technology trends of wind energy

This paper deals with achievements of wind technology and evolution of commercial wind technology. Next it deals with a challenge of wind technologies and running up to commercial technology. In this paper are described wind turbine vertical-axis, or "egg-beater" style, and horizon...

Tesařová, Miloslava
Teachware developed for students of UWB power engineering study programme

The developed software for the short-circuit analysis is intended for the students of the power engineering study programme offered by the University of West Bohemia. The program is based on the method of symmetrical components. The power system elements are modelled by equivalent ...

Hurt, Lukáš
Relation between the lighting and environment

The daylighting and the artificial lighting is a part of environment. The lighting plays an important role in life of everyone of us. We know that it is not possible fully replace daylighting by artificial lighting. The amount of daylight is important mainly in areas with...

Procházka, Martin
Doppelerdschluss in Mittelspannungsnetzen

Dieser Eintrag beschreibt die Problematik von Doppelerdschlüssen in einem Mittelspannungsnetzen. Es wurde eine Messung an einem Notzmodell mit eingebauter Distanzschutz durchgefürt, und der Eintrag enhält beschreibung und die Ergebnisse von der Modelation.

Tůma, Ivan
Quality of input data at defign of distributed cogeneration systems

The quality of input data is essential at designing systems for combined heat and power production. Because of relatively high investment coasts, it is needed to select a suitable electrical adn/or thermal output, so that the system´s yearly utilization ratio is as high as...

Martínek, Zbyněk , Nechanický, Milan , Novák, Pavel
Methods of processing and utilization of biomass energy

This article deals with possibility of biomass utilization and methods of its processing. Further deals with a heating power and characteristic of each biomass fuel. Sources of biomass fuels and their power potential are described. At the end are described two power plants, which&#...

Noháčová, Lucie
Renewable energy resources for electrical energy generation in the Czech republic

This article presents the general information about the opportunities for utilization of renewable energy resources for electrical energy generation in the Czech Republic and the forecast to 2010. There are several types of power generators that can be used in a power system. In&#x...

Noháčová, Lucie
Distributed power systems - wind power energ: the today possibilities and opportunities in the Czech republic

This article presents the general information about the opportunities of renewable energy resources in the Czech Republic and the forecast to 2010 in power engineering. The future for renewable energy resources in Czech Republic looks more promising then ever. The utilization of renewab...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25