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Gaupp, O. , Haller, R. , Harmeyer, E. , Mühlbacher, Jan , Wieczorek, A. , Wobig, H.
Power supply optimization for the superconducting coil system of HELIAS fusion reactor

A power supply system for feeding the superconducting coils of the Helias reactor, an upgraded system of Wendelstein 7X, has been investigated. These investigations on operation of the power supply of the fusion power plant were made using the SIMPLORER, EFFI and ...

Noháč, Karel , Noháčová, Lucie
New possible aproach to modelling in power engineering

Currently are many possibilities of computer simulation in power engineering. Demands in this branch are very specific, because there is necessary in most cases to simulate multiple technical disciplines. Not only electrical network is to solve, but also connection with mechanical equipment&...

Noháč, Karel , Noháčová, Lucie
New application solution for electric line design

Approach to design of outer electric lines has changed in last years very significantly. Especially new demands in branch reliability should designer keep in mind. These new requests are basis of new European and national standards. To simplify design layout, automate verification of&#x...

Ščerba, Eduard
The energy sector, energy policy and potential of b iomass in the Czech republic

Škorpil, Jan
PV cells temperature influence on efficiency of monocrystaline 20 kWp PV system

The paper reports on the influence of PV cells temperature on the efficiency of monocrystaline 20 kWp PV system.

Semančík, Peter , Lizák, František
Geothermal energy

This paper deals with the European status of geothermal energy use. This article describes geothermal power production status, geothermal direct uses status and last chapter is the future of geothermal energy.

Mészáros, Alexander
Status and economics of windy energy

Submitted paper is aimed on questions of stand, safety and economics of wind energy.

Mészáros, Alexander
Pricing the power losses in electric power system

This paper deals with major transmission cost allocation methods. Some of these methods are used widely by electric utilities, while others are still in developmental stages.

Vargončík, Michal , Marci, Martin
Air-source heat pumps

This paper deals with Air-Source heat pumps draw heat from the autside air during the rating season and rejem heat outside during the summer cooling season.

Hlubeň, Daniel
Voltage control and energy losses

This paper entitled “Voltage control and energy losses” deals with the problem of the losses in the transmission system in the case of voltage control by control of reactive power of a generator.

Hlubeň, Daniel , Beňa, Ľubomír
Energy building certification: input data

This paper entitled Energy building certification– input data deals with the new standard EN 15 193 and input data entering the assessment.

Hlubeň, Daniel , Beňa, Ľubomír , Balogh, Jozef
Energy building certification in practice

This paper entitled “Energy building certification in practice” deals with the new standard EN 15 193 and software support to ease building assessment.

Noháčová, Lucie , Mühlbacher, Jan
Der Anwuchs von der Windelektroenergietechnik setzt immer vor

The possibility of utilization of wind energy for electric generation is known. Integration of renewable energy resources in a distribution system poses the necessity of a considerable change in the coordination procedure. This article talks about current situation of renewable energy resour...

Noháčová, Lucie
Renewable energy resources: wind power energy

The energy generation, especially electrical energy generation from the renewable energy resources is supported. In the most lands will be the building of new wind farm and parks prepare. The European scenario from the European conference about the wind power plants (EMEC 2007) ass...

Hvizdoš, Marek , Tkáč, Ján
Connecting of distributed electricity sources to electric power system

Increasing share of renewable distributed electricity sources is one of possibilities how to cover growth of electricity consumption. So far, these sources have insignificant contribution in energy balance in Slovakia. Interest of investors in sources installing is very intensive and ...

Rajský, František
Modeling of wind power plant

This work describes the procedure of modeling single parameters of general loads from which I chose induction motor and, of course, generator electrical energy – wind turbine. I used the program Matlab for the simulation of the connection between wind power plant and electrical�...

Skočil, Tomáš , Pérez Donsión, Manuel
Mathematical modeling and simulation of photovoltaic array

Boehmová, Martina
Heat pumps in the Czech republic and their reliability

Number of heat pump installations is continuously increasing in European countries. Beginnings of the use in the Czech Republic are dated back to the 1990s and since that time heat pumps have been becoming more and more popular. Popularity is given by many virtues that th...

Martínek, Zdeněk , Královcová, Veronika
The calculation of parameters of Weibull distribution

This contribution deals with the problems of failure intensity of big power plant‘s blocks basely on bathtub curve of blackouts, command of operation and blackouts caused by wastage. The failure intensity is in most cases expresed by the Weibull two-parameters distribution.

Martínek, Zbyněk , Královcová, Veronika
Nowadays situation in operational reliability of complex network in the Czech republic and EU

The construction of power plant’s blocks with bigger output, better parameters and with higher level of automation lay higher requirements on reliability of power blocks. The results from operation show that with increasing size of blocks the reliability goes down. This decrease is ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24