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Recent Submissions

Pavelka, Jaroslav
CRISPR: Nová kapitola do učebnic biologie pro střední školy

The article appeals to secondary school lecturers to include some information about current surveys that are likely to affect most of the population. Molecular genetics seems to have revolutionized, and a students and lecturers should work with current trends. We describe trusted...

Stacke, Václav , Vočadlová, Klára , Reichert, Radek
Can we help students of geography to achieve better results by changing test tasks order? – case study of 97 students from Lauder school

Designing test is an important tool for assessing pupils understanding and evaluating of their learning competencies. There are many different testing methods and different types of examination questions. Th...

Trahorsch, Petr
How Do Pupils Evaluate Economic geographical Maps in School Atlases?

Economic-geographical maps are an important structural component of school atlases. Their quality is criticized by teachers and experts (cartographers) for unreadability, overcrowding and inadequacy of the content maps of pupils‘ age...

Vágnerová, Petra , Benediktová, Lenka , Kout, Jiří
Critical issues in biology education in lower-secondary schools

The concept of critical issues has become one of the focal points of research under the project Didactics - Man and Nature A. This preliminary article deals with defining of the crucial terms of the project, outlines the research design, and presents ...

Duffek, Václav , Pluháčová, Markéta , Stacke, Václav
Critical spots in the geography education – introduction, establishing terminology and methods of its finding

This paper is an introduction into the topic of finding and resolving critical spots of geography’s curriculum in lower-secondary schools. We summarise the historical development of Czech didactics of geograp...