Title: Influence of Paste´ Viscosity on Precision of Thick Film Printing
Authors: Zuk, S.
Pietrikova, A.
Vehec, I.
Citation: Electroscope. 2018, č. 1.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta elektrotechnická
Document type: článek
ISSN: 1802-4564
Keywords: tlustovrstvé struktury;polymerní pasty;polymerní inkousty;viscosity;konfokální laserová spektrální mikroskopie
Keywords in different language: thick-film structures;polymer pastes;polymer inks;viskozita;confocal laser spectral microscopy
Abstract in different language: In this paper, characterization of thick film structures printed on Kapton PI substrate is presented. By using two different polymer pastes/inks for realisation of planar capacitive comb sensor structures, the influence of paste´ viscosity on precision of thick film printing was investigated. It was found out by doing confocal laser spectral microscopy measurement that there is significant difference not only in the height of the printed structures, but also at every line width dimension printed on the same substrate. Thick film printing of fine planar comb sensor structures using polymer pastes is difficult.
Rights: Copyright © 2018 Electroscope. All Rights Reserved.
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Číslo 1 (2018)

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