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Kadlečíková, M. , Vančo, Ĺ , Breza, J. , Priesol, J. , Šatka, A.
Raman spectroscopy used to assess the temperature and mechanical stress in thin films of microelectronic structures

In this experimental work we examined the temperature and mechanical stress in the thin films of microelectronic structures based on GaN and AlN by Raman spectroscopy. The rise in temperature in the Raman spectrum is shown by shifting the Raman bands toward lower wavenumbers. ...

Musil, T. , Háze, J.
Studio grade hybrid microphone preamplifier for professional use

This work is focused on designing a commercially available studio-grade tool that might be used as an equivalent alternative for common choices in professional recording studios. The main aim is to use both semiconductor and vacuum tube technology simultaneously letting the recording te...

Kadlečíková, M. , Breza, J. , Jesenák, K. , Kolmačka, M. , Hubeňák, M. , Racko, J.
Hybridization of natural inorganic materials (natural minerals) by carbon nanotubes

In this work we briefly summarized results of extensive experiments focused on hybridization natural inorganic substrates by carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The kernel of the experiments is catalytic synthesis of CNTs on/into natural inorganic substrates involving two technological processes. The first&...

Kerndl, M. , Šteffan, P.
Design of System-on-Chip (SoC) with Embedded Cryptographic Module for Internet-of-Things (IoT)

This paper proposes the design of specific System-on-chip (SoC) that can be seen on Fig.1, with basic and most used cryptographic functions such as SHA-256, RSA and AES, as well as SHA-3 candidates in form of X11 hash algorithm embedded as modules for faster processing of...

Boura, A. , Martinek, P.
System for automated solar cells characterization, SPICE modelling and simple energy harvester module application

The work is about automated system that allows characterization of solar cells for low energy applications. The system is suited for small solar cells that can be used for indoor energy harvesting. These solar cells differ from standard solar cells in its ability to provide&#x...

Hurban, M. , Szendiuch, I.
Digitalisation and networking in “smart production”

In this article you will find description of new technological tools for more effective, more accurate and cheaper production of electronic assemblies. Main focus is on to soldering technology. Nowadays, there's a strong focus on digitalization and automation of all areas of our...

Trubelová, Šárka
SIMCENTER, engineering complex products from Siemens PLM Software for electronic cooling

For electronic devices, temperature is a limiting factor. Packing technology, driven by constant consumer demand and competitive pressure, allows higher power density than current cooling technology can handle. Sustained elevated temperatures act to not only reduce component efficiency, but also ...

Barto, S. , Mach, P.
Resistance and Nonlinearity of Current-Voltage Characteristic of Conductive Adhesive Joints with Isotropic Conductivity: Tunnel Theory

Electrical conductivity of electrically conductive adhesives is the most significant parameter these environmental friendly materials for adhesive assembly in electronics. Electrical conductivity of influenced by two types of resistances: by the constriction resistance and by the tunnel one. If adhesi...

Znbill, L. , Bousek, J.
Photovoltaic single cell energy harvesting

The paper describes the possibilities of Energy Harvesting (EH) using photovoltaic single cell energy harvesting. When the efficiency is not the most important parameter single-cell can be cost-effective in many applications. Comparison of the properties of respective technologies shows that for&...

Sítko, Vladimír
Method for qualification cleaning of electronic assemblies, validation of process changes in cleaning process

The described experiment was designed to verify and demonstrate current situation in determining cleanliness of electronic assemblies with leadless and high dense components. We have compared the historically introduced method of ionic contamination measuring with new optical method of determining...

Cabúk, Pavol
Chladenie so softvérovou podporou

The complexity of today's production brings the new types of challenges with which constructor usually has no practical experiences. In addition, there is an overlapping of individual professions, so it is often not possible to separate the work of electrotechnical and mechanical pr...

Zuk, S. , Pietrikova, A. , Vehec, I.
Influence of Paste´ Viscosity on Precision of Thick Film Printing

In this paper, characterization of thick film structures printed on Kapton PI substrate is presented. By using two different polymer pastes/inks for realisation of planar capacitive comb sensor structures, the influence of paste´ viscosity on precision of thick film printing was investi...

Sedlář, T.
Simulation is not only the software

This paper describes problems with modern simulation tools. As the increasing ease of use of the tool itself e.g. the graphical user interface, analysis setup, etc. the demand on the user’s knowledge is diminished. Engineer should know the which physical aspects are able to be...

Sedlář, T.
Analysis of thermomechanical stress on printed circuit board

Thermomechanical stress in the field of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) can be a real trouble. Different thermal expansion coefficients of components’ materials are the main problem. If the PCB is stressed due to thermal cycling there are several problems that can occur. We can av...

Beshajová Pelikánová, I. , Kaltmeyer, J.
Thick Film Structure – Influence of Pattern Geometry

The article concern with the topic of thick-film structures prepared by screen printing. Work is focused on analysis the influence of different types of polymer paste and preparation technology of layer on the pattern geometry. Set of samples of test structure with different sizes&...

Steiner, František
Slovo úvodem - IMAPS flash Conference 2018

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16