Title: System for automated solar cells characterization, SPICE modelling and simple energy harvester module application
Authors: Boura, A.
Martinek, P.
Citation: Electroscope. 2018, č. 1.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta elektrotechnická
Document type: článek
ISSN: 1802-4564
Keywords: automatizovaná charakterizace solárních článků;SPICE modelování;indoor sklízení energie
Keywords in different language: automated solar cells characterization;SPICE modelling;indoor energy harvesting
Abstract in different language: The work is about automated system that allows characterization of solar cells for low energy applications. The system is suited for small solar cells that can be used for indoor energy harvesting. These solar cells differ from standard solar cells in its ability to provide enough voltage level also at low levels of ambient light. This simplifies circuit for energy harvesting for wireless sensors application. Specialized solar cell of dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 cm2 was tested and the measured characteristics are compared with SPICE model that can be used for simulations. The solar cell was applied with energy harvester module EH300 at different light conditions. The testing proved that the developed system can provide enough energy for wireless and battery-less measurement even at light levels below 20 lx. The presented system thus can be used for various indoor IoT applications.
Rights: Copyright © 2018 Electroscope. All Rights Reserved.
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Číslo 1 (2018)

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