Title: Lateral force effects of three-axle locomotive bogie on track
Authors: Michálek, Tomáš
Haupt, Lukáš
Zelenka, Jaromír
Kohout, Martin
Liberová, Stanislava
Citation: Applied and Computational Mechanics. 2018, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 33-44.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of West Bohemia
Document type: článek
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/31339
ISSN: 1802-680X (Print)
2336-1182 (Online)
Keywords: třínápravový podvozek;sekundární suspenze;pružná pružina;naklápěcí podložka;aktivní prvky;řídící síla;GOST standardy;bezpečnost proti vykolejení;vícebodová simulace
Keywords in different language: three-axle bogie;secondary suspension;flexi-coil spring;tilting pad;active element;guiding force;GOST standards;safety against derailment;multi-body simulation
Abstract: This paper deals with guiding behaviour of a diesel-electric locomotive equipped with new three-axle bogies which were developed in co-operation of the company CZ LOKO and the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice. At first, the design of the new bogie intended for the track gauge 1520 mm is shortly introduced. Then, the attention is paid to three different variants of secondary suspension design and their influence on lateral force effects of the locomotive on track in curves. The assessment is performed by means of the multibody simulation tool “SJKV” and it takes into account GOST standards. Possibilities of application of a system of active elements for bogie steering are also evaluated.
Rights: © 2018 University of West Bohemia. All rights reserved.
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Volume 12, number 1 (2018)

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