Volume 12 (2018)

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Pappalardo, Carmine Maria
Dynamic analysis of planar rigid multibody systems modeled using natural absolute coordinates

natural absolute coordinates. The computationalmethodology discussed in this investigation is referred to as planar NaturalAbsolute Coordinate Formulation (NACF). The kinematic representation used in the planar NACF is based on a vector of generalized coordinates that includes two translational ...

Náprstek, Jiří , Fischer, Cyril
Semi-analytical stochastic analysis of the generalized van der Pol system

The paper is motivated by a series of wind tunnel experiments, which deal with aeroelastic Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) and Two Degrees of Freedom (TDOF) section models. Most of them can be mathematically expressed by van der Pol-Duffing type equations or their combi...