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Peroutka, Zdeněk , Glasberger, Tomáš , Molnár, Jan
Algoritmy řízení a regulace výstupního napěťového střídače diesel-elektrické napájecí jednotky

This paper describes control algorithms for the output part of a diesel-electric power supply unit which is composed of a three-phase four-leg voltage source inverter with a sinusoidal filter. The paper is focused on the development of PWM strategies for the mentioned inverter. The...

Rot, David , Kožený, Jiří
Modelování startu tavby oxidů kovů elektromagnetickou indukcí ve studeném kelímku

The article deals with various options of starting the induction melting process of metal oxides and other materials in a cold crucible. This application is often referred to as skull-melting-method because the to-be-melted material gets melted in its own body. That means that the&...

Vondrák, Jiří , Sedlaříková, Marie , Macalík, Michal , Velická, Jana
Capacity of a glassy carbon electrode in propylene carbonate based electrolytes

Vondrák, Jiří , Sedlaříková, Marie , Macalík, Michal , Velická, Jana
Metal deposition in absence of convective mass transport in polymer gel electrolytes: a model of lithium anode in batteries

The depletion of PMMA gel polymer electrode containing a binary electrolyte (cadmium perchlorate Cd(ClO4)2 in propylene carbonate PC) has been investigated. Impedance spectra were measured before and after recording a voltammogram of cadmium electrodeposition. The increase of electrolyte resistance, o...

Soukup, Radek
Optimization of Printed Circuit board design assembly based on DPMO metrics