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Dahooei, Jalil Heidary , Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras , Vanaki, Amir Salar , Firoozfar, Hamid Reza , Keshavarz-Ghorabaee, Mehdi
An evaluation model of business intelligence for enterprise systems with new extension of CODAS (CODAS-IVIF)

Due to today’s dynamic and changing environment and the organization need to decide in emergencies and accurate analysis of the internal and external environment from different aspects, creating a decision support environment is considered as a vital factor for the success of organizati...

Klímová, Blanka , Poulová, Petra , Šimonová, Ivana , Pražák, Pavel , Cierniak-Emerych, Anna
Internet use by the older adults in the Czech Republic

Ageing is becoming a big social issue nowadays. For example, in 2000 the percentage of older individuals aged 65+ years reached 12.4% worldwide. In 2030, this number should rise to 19% and in 2050 to 22%. Therefore, there is a need to prolong an active life of o...

Bucko, Jozef , Kakalejčík, Lukáš
Website usability and user experience during shopping online from abroad

The Internet became a non-stop market of goods and services. As the market is oversaturated, companies are forced to fight for each customer because it is easier than ever to change the partner who will fulfil customer’s needs. User experience and website usability is an ...

Khorakian, Alireza , Jahangir, Mostafa
The impact of social network on the innovative behavior of it professionals: what is the role of sharing mistakes?

In today’s competitive world, organizations need constant innovations in products, services and processes in order to grow and survive. Key of Innovation is in the innovative behavior of organization employees. Various factors affect the innovative behavior of the staff. The existence of...

Boďa, Martin , Zimková, Emília
Measuring financial intermediation: a model and application to the Slovak banking sector

The paper proposes a model for measuring the attainment in financial intermediation that answers to situations when functions of financial intermediaries from a macroeconomic viewpoint may be primarily reduced to taking deposits and providing loans (which is characteristic of financial sectors&#x...

Kostelić, Katarina , Križman Pavlović
Econometric assessment of customers’ personality biases and communication preferences correlation

The tendency of bias identification and quantification with the goal of better estimation and prediction, grows. The purpose of this paper is to question how deep analysis is necessary to increase prediction of communication preferences given the customer’s personality traits/biases. Examine...

Gholipour, Yaghob , Hasheminasab, Hamidreza , Kharrazi, Mohammad , Streimikis, Justas
Sustainability criteria assessment for life-cycle phases of petroleum refinery projects by madm technique

PRI projects have large impacts on various sustainability attributes in different phases. A comprehensive assessment of these impacts for project’s life-cycle is of great importance. The proposed methodology has created the required framework for such assessment by using Concept Mapping, Focus&#x...

Vacík, Emil , Špaček, Miroslav , Fotr, Jiří , Kracík, Lukáš
Project portfolio optimization as a part of strategy implementation process in small and medium-sized enterprises: a methodology of the selection of projects with the aim to balance strategy, risk and performance

This paper presents an improved managerial approach to project portfolio development using software optimization tools. A review of literature revealed a gap formed by the lack of either an established approach or a normative model of how to develop portfolios in SMEs. To bridge&#x...

Szabo, Stanislav , Mihalčová, Bohuslava , Gallo, Peter , Ivaničková, Marianna
Evaluating efficiency in specialized hospital facilities: developing the model by way of the discriminant analysis

Currently, companies use for the diagnostic their performance different methods, parameters and indicators when the high current measurement and evaluation of effectiveness. Choosing the right key performance measures is to ensure the evaluation of the effectiveness with high recall and the ...

Baykal, Elif , Zehir, Cemal
Mediating effect of psychological capital on the relationship between spiritual leadership and performance

he challenging work environment of the 21st century has resulted in a great deal of global, societal and organizational change (Fry, 2003). We are experiencing a global crisis of confidence that has spread among many people and organizations (Parameshwar, 2005). Corporate fraud (Schroth...

Knapková, Miroslava , Kaščáková, Alena
Use of time in single-member households in Slovakia

Households represent one of the basic units in economy. In the last years, the increasing number of single-member households has become a significant issue in Slovakia. In 2011, ratio of singlemember households was more than 25% in Slovakia (The 2011 Population and Housing Census&#...

Janáček, Julius , Šťastný, Dan
Inquiry into high school students’ utility function

his study uses data from our life-satisfaction survey of 1,414 students in 11 high schools in Northern parts of Czech Republic in the spring 2017 to discover certain parts of high school students’’ utility function. This is potentially useful for audiences ranging from macro-level&...

Kraftová, Ivana , Doudová, Iveta , Miláček, Radim
At the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution: who gets who loses

At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on the digitization of production processes, more precisely connecting the virtual world to the real world began. The aim of this article is to present the results of the res...

Nazarczuk, Jarosław Michał Nazarczuk
The impact of special economic zones on export behaviour. Evidence from Polish firm-level data

Special economic zones play an important role in the global economy and in the economies of particular countries, including Poland. Given the whole body of literature on SEZs-led export activity, the vast majority of papers, restrict the research methods used to the descriptive ana...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14