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Recent Submissions

Švagr, Marcel
Dynamic properties of ram: modall test result & correlating simulation

This work deals with dynamic properties of a ram of gantry machine tool from firm TYC Strojírny s.r.o. Respectively by casting of the ram determining its own nature frequencies and its own waveforms. The work contains experimental measurement and its results, and transferring this&...

Novikov, Konstantin
Mixed reality in maintenance

We can see changes in technological, socioeconomic and cultural features caused by industrial revolutions. Among the technological features belongs also maintenance management. The approach towards equipment maintenance has changed throughout the revolutions from reactive towards predictive. Instead of fix...

Muzika, Lukáš , Švantner, Michal
Thermal tomography based on time transformation

The contribution describes a new algorithm of thermographic evaluation of pulse thermography. The principle is in a time transformation of a thermographic sequence. The technique provides result in one image instead of series of images as standard algorithms do (FFT, TSR, derivation). T...

Marek, Václav
Thermal deformations of milling center

The article is focused on the thermal behaviour of a spindle of a milling centre. This is a typical problem of high precision machines, which produce heat as a negative implication of the produce activity. Thermal loading influents productivity and precision of a milling centr...

Krejčí, Miroslav
Overview of materials and fluoride salts used in molten salt reactors

The purpose of this work is to explain the choice of materials and fluoride salts for Molten Salt Reactors. The article describes the problem of corrosion in these reactors and the possibilities of its mitigation. There are usable materials for MSR and their cover layer s...