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Domabyl, Patrik
Historie podnikání

Presented bachelor thesis describes selected topics from the history of entrepreneurship. Objective of the thesis is to describe development of entrepreneurship in the 19th century, its changes in the 20th century, to analyze activity of chosen company, which was established in the 19th...

Moláková, Pavla
Vzdělání, práce a mzdy pohledem genderové statistiky

This thesis deals with differences between men and women focusing on the education, work and wages from the point of view of gender statistics. First part is focused on basic concepts and statistical methods, which are used in the practical part of this thesis. In the...

Borský, Zdeněk
Vývoj aplikace pro mobilní telefony

This bachelor thesis is occupied with a development of a smartphone application based on the lost-and-found principle. The thesis is composed of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, there are compared the picked platforms, publications relating to the picked ...

Vodička, Tomáš
Metody odhadu velikosti stínové ekonomiky \nl{}a jejich naprogramování

The purpose of this paper is to describe issues connected to shadow economy and methods of its estimation. Shadow economy surround us in everyday life and most societies are trying to control it by laws and prosecution. According to authors the size of shadow economy is&#...

Blažek, Martin
Vypracování souboru procedur s finančním \nl{}zaměřením - především na oceňování opcí

The presented work is focused on the characterization and classification of option derivatives and models for their pricing. The theoretical part focuses on explanation of basic concepts of financial mathematics, analysis and characterization of financial derivatives and derivation of option pric...