Katedra ekonomie a kvantitativních metod / Department of Economics and Quatitative Methods


Recent Submissions

Křevký, Marek
Implementace jednodušších heuristik pro řešení specifických variant rozvozních problémů

This bachelor thesis discusses the comparison of two different heuristics using a web application. The theoretical part is devoted to basic concepts, derivation problems and the basics of heuristics for route computation. The practical part deals with a web application that works ...

Špác, Michal

This bachelor thesis is focused on cryptocurrencies with the aim of characterizing the courses of selected cryptocurrencies in the years from 2018 to 2021 using selected methods. The first chapter focuses on a general view of cryptocurrencies, their definition, history, and technology. ...

Tlačil, Jan
Návrh a implementace webového informačního systému

Bachelor thesis entitled Design and implementation of a web-based information system describes web-based information system, its good features and its layers and then designs and implements such system. In the first part, the web-based information system is described theoretically, including the&...

Dragušincová, Martina
Změny chování občanů vlivem pandemie COVID-19 ve způsobu zajištění a trávení dovolené

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to detect changes in consumer behaviour in the field of traveling. This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part tourism and its development in time is described, there are mentioned general factors affec...

Kříž, Robin
Analýza dopravy při rozvozu objednávek zákazníkům u konkrétního podniku

This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of company transport in order to find a more suitable solution for the calculation of delivery routes. It seeks to identify the flaws in the current solution and recommend a new solution that would save costs. The aim of t...