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Moldaschl, Jan , Broulím, Jan
An impact of the boost diode selection on the overall efficiency of Active Power Factor Correctors

The paper focuses on a selection process of boost diodes for Active Power Factor Correctors (APFC) based on the Boost converter. The choice of the suitable boost diode plays crucial role for an efficiency of APFC. The main aim of the paper is devoted to theoretical a...

Michal, Vratislav , Chesneau, David
Time domain CCM/DCM boundary detector with zero static power consumption for integrated high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converters

This paper describes a circuit allowing accurate detection of the continuous (CCM) and discontinuous (DCM) conduction mode boundary. It is suitable namely for very low power integrated DC/DC converters such as the buck or boost. The zero power consumption of this critical block...

Michal, Vratislav
Dynamic duty-cycle limitation of the boost DC/DC converter allowing maximal output power operations

This paper describes the concept of the dynamic duty-cycle limiter of the boost dc-dc converter. Duty-cycle limitation in boost converters is usually used to protect the bottom switch against an excessive current, and also to avoid instability occurring at high duty-cycle operations. Co...

Metshein, Margus
Hardware imitation of the varying bioelectrical impedance for testing the device for measurement of the impedance of human trunk by using a JFET

In this paper an approach of imitating the periodically varying electrical bioimpedance of human trunk in case of breathing by using a field effect transistor is presented. The principles of creating a simulation model and preparing a prototype of electronic measurement device, are ...

Matoušek, David , Hospodka, Jiří , Šubrt, Ondřej
Output voltage and efficiency of novelty architecture of charge pump versus clock frequency and MOSFETs sizes

Charge pump is circuit that produces voltage higher than supply voltage or negative voltage. Today, charge pumps became an essential parts of electronic equipment. The integration of charge pumps directly into the target system allows manufacturers to feed a complex system with many...

Marek, Jan , Hospodka, Jiří , Šubrt, Ondřej
Design aspects of the SC circuits and analysis of the cross-coupled charge pump

This paper presents some real properties of the cross-coupled charge pump that is used in low-power microelectronic integrated systems operating with high voltage (FLASH, EEPROM memories). SC-circuits characterization and design aspects are firstly discussed. Theoretical analysis of the cross-coupled ...

Mahdavi, Mohammad , Torkkhah, Hamid
A new high efficiency high power factor ZVT bridgeless PFC converter

In this paper, a new zero voltage transition (ZVT) bridgeless PFC converter with high power factor and high efficiency is presented. The proposed converter has not any extra voltage stresses on semiconductor elements. Main switches of the converter are switched under zero voltage (...

Mahdavi, Mohammad , Ghasemi, Amir Hosein
A new soft switching bridgeless PFC converter with lossless snubber

ncreasing use of rectifiers causes harmonics pollution in networks. So use of power factor correction (PFC) in converters is inevitable. For reducing weight and volume of converters, designers try to increase switching frequency. The switching losses and conduction losses are two sources...

Lufinka, Ondřej
Ultrasonic transceiver with the possibilities of the data communication and the two-point distance measurement

This paper deals with the problem of the short distance measurement between two (or more) moving points with the ability of a simple data communication. Different possibilities were explored and using the ultrasonic transceiver was then chosen for a future development. The article ...

Linhart, Richard , Veřtát, Ivo
The signal splitter for laboratory GNSS signal distribution

The paper presents a design of a four way signal splitter working in L frequency band, for standard GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) signals. These splitters are used when more than one receiver has to be connected to one signal source, like an antenna, a signal...

Lin, Chenglong , Li, Gaosheng , Zhao, Ning , Wei, Xianju , Lu, Zhonghao
Investigation of influence of season alternance and terrain undulation on scene matching guidance

The influence of season and terrain on the performance of the scene matching end guidance is studied, respectively. Seasonal changes would result in the regular transformation of surface vegetation, especially the ratio of water, which could change the electromagnetic characteristics of the&...

Kudlačák, František , Krajčovič, Tibor
Error behaviour in PID controll systems with dynamic processes

This paper deals with current state of art in field of tuning methods for PID controllers, and shows how output error depends on dynamicity of the process. Controlled process is dynamic, therefore it can change over with various dynamicity. This dependency leads to adaptive co...

Krstić, Dragana , Stefanović, Mihajlo , Doljak, Vesad , Aleksić, Danijela , Yassein, Muneer Masadeh Bani , Gligorijević, Milan
Performance analysis of wireless systems in the presence of k-µ short term fading, Gamma long term fading and k-µ cochannel interference

Wireless communication system operating over Gamma shadowed multipath fading channel in the presence of cochannel interference subjected to small scale fading is delineated in this paper. Desired signal experiences Gamma long term fading, k-μ short term fading and cochannel interference affected&...

Kroneisl, Michal
Measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic noise

This paper deals with measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic noise generated by induction electric motor fed by inverter controlled by PWM. It suggests and describes possible method of evaluation the electromagnetic noise which can be used in real-time applications.

Kozáček, Boris , Frivaldský, Michal , Jaroš, Viliam
Improving qualitative parameters of LLC converter using a perspective semiconductor and magnetic components

This paper has been realized in order to show simplified design procedure on how to meet the standards for dc-dc converters, which are being constantly increased. The paper deals with improvement of qualitative parameters of LLC converter. Using evaluations methods Figure of Merit, ...

Karlovský, Pavel , Lettl, Jiří
Improvement of induction motor drive performance using predictive control method instead of DTC method

Considering the disadvantages of induction motor drive such as torque ripple and current waveform distortion when using direct torque control (DTC) method, the method substitution might improve the drive behaviour. The authors suggest instead of the DTC method using the predictive method...

Jílek, Jiří , Štork, Milan
Determination of systolic, mean and diastolic blood pressures with Dual cuff system is based on physiology

Single cuff automatic blood pressure (BP) measurements are subject to errors because the BP values are based on statistical estimation rather than on physiological principles. We developed a dual cuff experimental system that uses an arm cuff and a wrist cuff. The wrist cuff f...

Jeřábek, Jan , Šotner, Roman , Dvořák, Jan , Langhammer, Lukáš , Kotoň, Jaroslav
Fractional-order high-pass filter with electronically adjustable parameters

his paper presents possible solution of fractional-order high-pass filter (FHPF) with electronically adjustable order between 1 and 2 and also with electronically adjustable pole frequency. It is based on well-known Follow-the-Leader Feedback (FLF) topology adjusted for utilization with operational tr...

Jaroš, Viliam , Drgoňa, Peter , Kozáček, Boris , Piri, Marek
Analytical comparison of topology configuration of wireless power transfer system

This article deals with the description of topology configuration of wireless energy transfer system. Wireless energy transfer systems are used in several applications areas as is wireless charging accumulators in electric vehicles, charging batteries in mobiles, in lighting applications and othe...

Jára, Martin , Blahník, Vojtěch
Cost-effective medium-power charging station for public transport vehicles

Charging stations are becoming an important part of the modern urban infrastructure. This paper describes a concept of a standalone cost-effective medium power charging station dedicated for electric bus charging. It is based on a voltage-source active rectifier operating in both current...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 61