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Ženíšek, David , Šimon, Michal , Basl, Josef , Poor, Peter
Údržba v Průmyslu 4.0 dnes

Vránek, Pavel , Šimon, Michal
Implementace JIT na expedičních zónách

Trojan, Jozef , Trebuňa, Peter , Mizerák, Marek
Applying a complex manufacturing process to a specific product

The article contains description and construction of the finished product, in our case it is the construction of the rear seat for the Ford car. We begin to solve the complex production process of our product by drawing up a production-assembly diagram, where we can see&#...

Svitek, Radovan , Krajčovič, Martin , Martinkovič, Milan
Balancing of assembly operations and detailed design of workplace in software environment

Factories emphasize increasing the efficiency of internal processes. Production plants therefore need a true picture of their current situation, risks and opportunities so that their presence on the market is not jeopardized and their processes effectively managed. All of this will only ...

Rybnikár, Filip , Kleinová, Jana
Změna uspořádání pracoviště za účelem zvýšení objemu výroby

Novikov, Konstantin , Kleinová, Jana
Moderní trendy v TPV

Mikulová, Denisa
Nákupní zvyklosti spotřebitelů

Martirosov, Sergo , Matulin, Marko
Measuring the effects of video streaming quality in Virtual Reality experience

In this paper we present a methodology of measuring Virtual Reality (VR) experience while simulating various video streaming conditions. For that, we used four different videos, a VR headset and a video editing software, where specific changes were made to video clips in order ...

Martinkovič, Milan , Mičieta, Branislav , Biňasová, Vladimíra
The use of real-time location system in hybrid assembly

Industry 4.0, known as the Digital Revolution, aims to transform traditional manufacturing systems by integrating physical and virtual worlds. In these systems, everything is connected to machines, tools, and workers to products and customers. This will be achieved by Industry 4.0's tran...

Malaga, Miroslav , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Koncept STEM se zaměřením na problematiku Industry 4.0

Koblasa, František , Votrubec, Radek , Lelek, Ladislav , Koudelka, Jiří
Projektově orientovaná výuka v Industry 4.0 - chytrá domácnost

Kliment, Marek , Peter, Trebuňa , Duda, Richard , Král, Štefan
Increasing the efficient manufacturing process using the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software module and another management method

In everyday life we do not realize what a difficult process and how all the components needed to perform perfectly normal activity at the car door opening. Every business, whether engaged in the production of products or the provision of services, aims to make everything ...

Kačerová, Ilona , Kába, Martin
Využití biomechanických systémů pro hodnocení lokální svalové zátěže

Kába, Martin , Kačerová, Ilona
Vliv polohy lokte a zápěstí na výsledky EMG - předběžné výsledky

Fusko, Miroslav , Skokan, Radovan , Medvecká, Iveta
Industry 4.0: Building of Smart factories of tomorrow

This article deals with Smart factories and their building, benefits and transformation impacts on conventional factories. Important part will be also digital twin in smart factories. Imagine walking into a factory that resembles a high-tech research lab. It is a stark contrast to ...

Furmannová, Beáta , Gabajová, Gabika , Vavrík, Vladimír
Design of logistic system using Tecnomatix software

This article deals with the logistics planning tool. A digital enterprise tool for a complex PLM solution is used, namely the Tecnomatix Process Designer software. It is a description of the logistics module environment, main workflows and basic functions of this module.

Bučková, Monika , Vavrík, Vladimír , Gašo, Martin
Future of the Manufacturing Systems

This article describes basic information about future of manufacturing systems. In the introductory section there are described trends that will create future concept of manufacturing systems. These trends are also described. Currently existing, advanced software solutions allow to ...

Broum, Tomáš
Hodnocení návrhu produktu s ohledem na jeho souhrnné funkce

Bigošová, Eleonóra , Horváthová, Blanka , Dolina, Ľuboslav
The Future of Office Workplaces with an Emphasis on Ergonomics

A healthy and satisfied employee is the basis of every production process and a prerequisite for a prosperous business. As a result of natural, technological progress, the structure of professions is changing, and their performance is closely linked to the use of computers and ...

Barbušová, Miroslava , Medvecká, Iveta , Gašo, Martin
Use of TCO Analysis in Industry 4.0

With the start of Industry 4.0, companies are increasingly focusing on one of the key factors for future production, the introduction of automation. The introduction of automation is generally considered to be an effective strategy against increasing competition and outsourcing in low c...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21