Katedra financí a účetnictví / Department of Finance and Accounting


Recent Submissions

Műhlberger, Jakub
Současné problémy na trhu práce ve vybraném regionu

This thesis is focused on current problems in the labor market in the Mostecký region. The goal is to theoretically describe the labor market, the problems of unemployment and its causes and in the practical part to focus on the negative phenomena that occur here, thein&#...

Michálek, Jan
Nástroje technické analýzy a jejich využití na finančních trzích

The main topic of this bachelor thesis is an aplication of several technical indicators on chosen stocks. Based on the created investing model, the thesis offers a comparison between efficiency of three indicators and thoughts from Efficient-market Hypothesis. The thesis is divided into...

Behina, Ondřej
Ekonomická analýza podniku

The main goal of this bachelor thesis called Economic analysis of company is to analyze chosen company using absolute and propotional indicators and offer some recommendations. The thesis is divided into four parts. First one sums up all technical findings, which had been used ...

Viktorin, Tomáš
Analýza účetní závěrky a uzávěrky podniku

The Bachelor thesis is based on analysis of financial statements and closing books of company Škoda Machine Tool. Thesis is separated in theoretical and practical parts. In theoretical part are described legal standards governing accounting, accounting standards, functions and principles of ...

Renová, Michaela
Přínosy řízení podnikových procesů pomocí elektronického workflow

This bachelor thesis discusses the advantages of an electronic workflow in business process management in a selected organization. The theoretical part deals with issues of paper and electronic documents, document circulation in an organization, current legislation influencing electronization, ways of...