Modelování a simulace technických systémů / Modelling and simulation of technical systems


Recent Submissions

Očenášek, Jan , Minár, Jan , Alcalá, Jorge
Dynamics of lattice disorder in perovskite materials, polarization nanoclusters and ferroelectric domain wall structures

The nexus between classic ferroelectricity and the structure of perovskite materials hinges on the concept of lattice disorder. Although the ordered perovskites display short-range displacements of the central cations around their equilibrium points, the lattice disorder dynamically unfolds to generat...

Morávka, Štefan , Študent, Josef
Influence of Manufacturing Variations of Protuberant Teeth Shapes on Gearing Stresses of High-speed Gearboxes

The paper describes the solution of a current problem related to the technology of production of gear for high-speed gearboxes. The aim is to establish a reliable basis and procedure for evaluating the influence of manufacturing variations in the shape of the heel of the ...

Sedláček, Jan , Hurda, Lukáš , Mráček, Jindřich
Analysis of multi constant current flowmeter heated elements

This paper deals with the initial analyses in the development of a new generation of Multi Constant Current Flowmeter. It is a specialized measuring instrument combining hot wire anemometers and tomographic evaluation of measured data. The meter is designed especially for the automotive...

Sedláček, Jan , Kůs, Michal , Strob, Miroslav , Matas, Richard
CFD analysis of an anemometric sensor design for air flow measurement in a heat exchanger

This paper focuses on the issue of flow measurement in automotive heat exchangers. The measurement is complicated due to the limited space in the heat exchanger area and the non-uniform velocity profile. Therefore, only some measuring techniques can be used, which must be adapted&#...

Matas, Richard , Syka, Tomáš , Hurda, Lukáš , Linhartová, Zuzana
Numerical modelling and experimental investigation of the influence of selected geometric elements on the working characteristics of radial compressor stages with prismatic blades

The article deals with a description of basic results of research of radial compressor stages with 2D e.g. prismatic rotor blades. The experimental facility and the measurement and evaluation process are described briefly in the first part. The second part of this contribution is&#...