Modelování a simulace technických systémů / Modelling and simulation of technical systems


Recent Submissions

Hurda, Lukáš , Matas, Richard , Redmer, Marek
Analysis of room overpressure after launching an integrated extinguishing system

The throttling of liquefied substances from high pressure vessels to an enclosed volume starting at atmospheric pressure is described in order to determine the thermodynamic state of gaseous contents of the extinguished room. A time dependent, 0D mathematical model is implemented describing&...

Khan, Saleem Ayaz , Vondráček, Martin , Blaha, Peter , Horáková, Kateřina , Minár, Jan , Šipr, Ondřej , Cháb, Vladimír
Local geometry around B atoms in B/Si(111) from polarized x-ray absorption spectroscopy

The arrangement of B atoms in a doped Si(111)-( √ 3 × √ 3)R30◦:B system was studied using a near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS). Boron atoms were deposited via segregation from the bulk by flashing the sample repeatedly. The positions of B atoms are determi...

Novák, Martin , Matas, Richard , Sedláček, Jan
Numerical simulations of droplet evaporation in a SCR system submodel with hot air flow

Hurda, Lukáš , Matas, Richard
Radial Compressor Test Data Processing with Real Gas Equation of State