Title: Smooth Map Deformation Using Integral Images
Authors: Molchanov, Vladimir
Linsen, Lars
Citation: Journal of WSCG. 2020, vol. 28, no. 1-2, p. 18-26.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Václav Skala - UNION Agency
Document type: article
URI: http://wscg.zcu.cz/WSCG2020/2020-J_WSCG-1-2.pdf
ISSN: 1213-6972 (print)
1213-6980 (CD-ROM)
1213-6964 (on-line)
Keywords: vztahový kartogram;geoprostorová vizualizace;hladká deformace mapy;RadViz;zobecněná projekce barycentrických souřadnic;integrální obrázek
Keywords in different language: contiguous cartogram;geospatial visualization;smooth map deformation;RadViz;generalized barycentric coordinates projection;integral image
Abstract in different language: Deformation of geographical maps is a powerful tool used in geospatial data exploration systems. Virtual lenses help the user to retrieve local detail information without losing the global overview, while contiguous cartograms exploit map deformation for representing statistical data as areas of regions. In most applications, the map deformations should be smooth and computationally efficient. We propose a novel map deformation approach based on integral images computed for 2D density distributions. Depending on the prescribed density function, the resulting deformed map represents an approximation to a respective contiguous cartogram or may serve as a user-steered virtual lens. Our technique is suitable for use in highly interactive geospatial data exploration systems due to its algorithmic and computational efficiency
Rights: © Václav Skala - UNION Agency
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