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Polezhaev, Petr , Belloň, Tomàš , Kurospajeva, Nazerke Chroust , Vobeckà, Lucie , Slouka, Zdeněk
Molecular sieving of tetraalkylammonium cations on cation exchange systems in DC electric field

Ion exchange membranes and ion exchange resin particles are widely used in electro-membrane separation processes such as electrodeionization and electrodialysis. The internal structure of these ion exchange systems implicitly determines their properties, which, in turn, strongly affect the efficiency ...

Konopka, Ladislav , Jantač, Simon , Vrzáček, M. , Svoboda, Miloš , Kosek, Juraj
Triboelectric charging of polyethylene powders: Comparison of same-material and different-material

The understanding of triboelectric charging of industrially important powders can help in avoiding or controlling the particle agglomeration and wall sheeting. We developed a new experimental approach to study both same material particle-particle (P-P) and different-material particle-wall (P-W) charging&#x...

Kovář, Petr , Tichý, David , Slouka, Zdeněk
Effect of channel geometry on ion-concentration polarization-based preconcentration and desalination

Polarization of the ion-selective systems results in the formation of ion-depleted and ion-concentrated zones in the electrolyte layers adjacent to the system. One can employ ion-concentration polarization for the removal of chargedlarge molecules and small ions from the flowing liquid. Removal&#...

Mazúr, Petr , Mrlík, Jindřich , Charvát, Jiří , Pocedič, Jaromír , Vrána, Jiří , Dundálek, Jan , Kosek, Juraj
A complex four-point method for the evaluation of ohmic and faradaic losses within a redox flow battery single-cell

We propose a complex 4-point method for characterization of flow batteries. The distribution of ohmic and faradaic losses within a single-cell is evaluated from electrochemical impedance spectra and load curves of positive and negative half-cells measured with platinum wire pseudo-reference elect...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 4 of 4