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Recent Submissions

Lufinka, Ondřej , Kadeřábek, Jan , Prstek, Juraj , Skála, Jiří , Kosturik, Kamil
Omnidirectional Autonomous Robotic Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Testing —Movement, Localization and Navigation Possibilities

This paper deals with the movement, localization and navigation possibilities of Autonomous Robotic Platform (ARP). Such a platform is used for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) testing in automotive. At the beginning, the paper discusses different solutions that are already available...

Vinš, Martin
Economic Evaluation of Battery Energy Storage Integration into Plant with Cyclic Load

This paper deals with the simplified economic evaluation of the peak shaving by a battery-based energy storage system in plants with cyclic load profile (typically steel plants) and its own electrical energy source – typically the steam turbine. There are several poss...

Pokorný, Michal , Veřtat, Ivo , Masopust, Jiří
Electronic Control Board for Phased Antenna Array Research and Prototyping

Current state-of-the-art phased antenna arrays used in modern generations of mobile networks and radars in terrestrial applications or as spacecraft antennas in space applications tend to be very complex and expensive devices with many mutually coupled elements and many input&#...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Anaerobic Threshold Approximation with Minimum Number of Blood Samples

In this paper the anaerobic threshold measuring and approximation with minimum number of blood samples is described. Anaerobic thresholds are calculated for athletes tested on a bicycle ergometer and treadmill ergometer where the heart rate and pulmonary ventilation parameters, ...

Štork, Milan , Hammerbauer, Jiří
Recursive Sine Wave Digital Oscillator with New Method Used for Amplitude Control

This work describes the control of the amplitude of the output signal (or amplitude stabilization) in digital sine recursive oscillators. As in the case of analog oscillators, it is also necessary to control the amplitude of digital oscillators with a sine wave. ...