Katedra elektroniky a informačních technologií / Department of Electronics and Information Technology


Recent Submissions

Holík, Michael , Ahmadov, Farid , Ahmadov, Gadir , Akbarov, R. , Berikov, Daniyar , Mora Sierra, Yesid , Nuruyev, S.M. , Přidal, Petr , Sadigov, A.Z. , Sadygov, Ziraddin Ya , Zich, Jan
Miniaturized read-out interface “Spectrig MAPD” dedicated for silicon photomultipliers

The new pocket size read-out interface device dedicated for silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) has been designed and developed. While it was designed as a miniaturized and low power device it still provides a wide spectrum of functionality necessary for measurements and testing of SiPMs&#x...

Lalbakhsh, A. , Jamshidi, Mohammad , Siahkamari, Hesam , Ghaderi, Amirhossien , Golestanifar, Alireza , Linhart, Richard , Talla, Jakub , Simorangkir, Roy B.V.B. , Mandal, Kaushik
A compact lowpass filter for satellite communication systems based on transfer function analysis

This paper presents a very efficient design procedure for a high-performance microstrip lowpass filter (LPF). Unlike many other sophisticated design methodologies of microstrip LPFs, which contain complicated configurations or even over-engineering in some cases, this paper presents a straightforward ...