Katedra elektroniky a informačních technologií / Department of Electronics and Information Technology


Recent Submissions

Al-anbagi, Haidar Najim Abbod
Optimization of new generations communication, broadcasting and IoT networks

Internet of Things (IoT) networks connect countless devices in endless daily life applications. However, current IoT coverage is not yet ubiquitous to the less inhabited and harsh environments such as oceans, forests, mountains, poles, and deserts. Accordingly, for an omnipresent coverage of...

Almtrod, Abdalghfor Abdalghfar A.
Modelling and simulation in electromagnetic compatibility

This work presents compact electromagnetic sensors usable for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements. Currently, the utilized standardized 3D antennas are relatively large in size and, in some cases, not very suitable in terms of their electrical parameters and dimensions. This dissertation&...

Alnahwi, Falih M. , Al-Yasir, Yasir I.A. , Almtrod, Abdalghfor Abdalghfar A , Abdullah, Abdulkareem S. , Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.
A low-cost microwave filter with improved passband and stopband characteristics using stub loaded multiple mode resonator for 5g mid-band applications

This paper presents the design and implementation of a printed circuit microwave band-pass filter for 5G mid-band applications, using a Stub Loaded Multiple Mode Resonator (SL-MMR) technique. The objective of this article is to introduce a low-cost microstrip filter with improved passband&#x...

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
Simulation of electrical system protection against the effects of a magnetic storm

In the introduction of the presented work, the physical nature of the collapse of electrical energy transmission systems due to the influence of a magnetic storm is recalled. A mechanism is described by which, due to the non-linearity of the magnetic circuit of the system'...

Khalaj, Omid , Jamshidi, Mohammad , Hassas, Parsa , Hosseininezhad, Marziyeh , Mašek, Bohuslav , Štádler, Ctibor , Svoboda, Jiří
Metaverse and AI Digital Twinning of 42SiCr Steel Alloys

Digital twins are the most important parts of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), and play a crucial role in the realization of the Metaverse. Therefore, two important factors: flexibility and adaptability, need to be focused on digital twinning systems. From a virtual perspective, constructing&#...