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Štork, Milan
Digital sinusoidal recursive oscillators with quadrature and three phase outputs

Digital oscillators are essential parts in many applications. They are used in communications, control, radar, in digital signal processing and music synthesis. Flexibility, and low cost are the main advantages of such type of oscillators. Moreover, he parameters of a digitally generated...

Štork, Milan , Houzar, Josef
Non-contact ECG monitoring for driver

This work describes system for elecrocardiographic (ECG) signal scanning with non-contact electrodes and wireless data transmission. Introductory part deals about electrocardiography and generally with analog signal processing especially with active capacitance electrodes. In the next part of this work...

Valenta, Pavel , Žahour, Jiří , Křivka, Jindřich , Kosturik, Kamil , Skála, Jiří , Georgiev, Vjačeslav
Energy harvesting and communication systems for power lines inspection robot

For an autonomic power lines inspection robot the energy harvesting system and communication systems are being developed. In this paper the energy harvesting based on toroidal split core current transformer is described. The maximal output power is depend on the current in power li...

Zich, Jan , Jandík, Jan
Active battery management system for home battery energy storage

The home battery energy storage systems (ESSs) are expanding worldwide together with the renewable energy sources (especially solar power plants). As the energy sourced by the different power sources (sun, wind, electrical grid) has to be stored inside the ESS the electrochemical cells&...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Characteristic of some physiological parameters based on bicycle and treadmill exercise testing

In this paper examines procedure for modelling of cardiac output and oxygen consumption as response to cardiopulmonary exercise on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer. The results are presented on 2 athletes - football player and country ski runner which undergone a several stress tes...

Štork, Milan
Simple amplitude control and frequency correction of recursive sine wave digital oscillators

This work describes one of the possibilities of amplitude control in recursive sinusoidal digital oscillators with integer arithmetic. As in the case of analog oscillators, it is also necessary to control the amplitude of digital oscillators with a sine wave. If the amplitude is&#x...

Pavlíček, Vladimír , Fořt, Jiří , Pittermann, Martin , Skala, Bohumil
Comparing the low-cost measuring devices for standstill frequency response (SSFR) testing for electric machines

This paper compares the different versions of hardware realization of low-cost device for standstill frequency response SSFR testing. The SSFR testing is a modern method used for testing and parameter identification for electrical machines especially for synchronous machines (high power generator...

Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Vavroch, Ondřej , Zich, Jan , Nožka, Libor
Diagnostic device for photomultiplier tubes at ARP ToF detector

Long-term usage of photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) led to the discovery of aging effects especially in harsh environment as a radiation is. Aging decreases the efficiency of the PMTs. This means PMTs need to the recalibration after some time. Because CERN´s Large Hadron Collider (LHC)...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Models for oxygen consumption and cardiac output as response to treadmill exercise

This paper examines procedure for static and dynamic modeling of oxygen consumption (VO2) and cardiac output (CO) as response to cardiopulmonary exercise on a treadmill ergometer. It should be noted that the derivation of the subject dynamic model was more difficult due to the ...

Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Zich, Jan
LHC clock conditioning circuit for AFP trigger module

The timing and synchronisation of the detectors in particle physics play the key role due to the high event rates at particle accelerators. The trigger module in ATLAS Forward Physics project selects the events from time of flight d etector belonging to the proton bunch. ...

Štork, Milan , Houzar, Josef
Non contact methods of heart rate variability measuring and analysis

It is well known that the heart rate variability (HRV) reflects the activity of the autonomic nervous system. HRV is calculated from heart rate (HR). HR is a nonstationary signal; its frequency variation may contain indicators of current disease, or warnings about impending cardiac...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11