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Recent Submissions

Tímr, Jan , Mužík, Václav
Role of Simulation of Power Output in the Design of Small-scale Hydro Power Plant

Article focuses on importance of time power-output simulation performed in Matlab in order to identify real hydroelectric potential in selected locations of river flows in the Czech Republic. The difference of simulation and the usual total generated power in a time-period might play&#x...

Knedlík, Michal , Rot, David
Development of hardening machine and intelligent control

This article focuses on introducing the developed hardening machine based on induction heating. This machine differs significantly from conventional solutions mainly due to its extensive measuring system, which gives us a complete overview of what is happening during the process. Furthermore,...

Abushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale , Mašata, David , Müller, Michael , Škoda, Radek
Economics of reusing spent nuclear fuel by Teplator for district heating applications

The Teplator is a nuclear heat-only reactor under development in the Czech Republic, which uses already irradiated spent nuclear fuel (SNF). This study aims to assess the feasibility of integrating this technology with district heating systems (DHSs) compared with other heating technologies....

Síťař, Vladislav , Vysloužil, Tomáš , Raková, Lenka , Hruška, Tomáš
The power load model for electric vehicle charging modelling and its utilisation for voltage level studies and cables ampacity in distribution grid

When electrical energy is drawn by electric vehicles from charging stations at charging process the voltage drops and increased current loading of cable lines in distribution grid occur. Inasmuch the electrical grid is insufficiently dimensioned or at large amount electric vehicles concurren...

Mašata, David , Škoda, Radek , Noháčová, Lucie
The potential of the TEPLATOR application in the central europe region

The innovative emissions-free concept of future district heating source TEPLATOR was introduced in 2020 by a group of researchers from CTU in Prague and UWB in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. TEPLATOR will use already spent nuclear fuel assemblies for a clean and economical heat...