Ročník 2020


Recent Submissions

Bouřa, A.
Photovoltaic panel Spice modelling

The paper presents a universal Spice model that can be used for modelling the photovoltaic panels (PV) – namely the DC characteristics. The model was built on simplified schematic and fitting its parameters to the measured data. There were developed two types of the models...

Janůš, T. , Šteffan, P.
Smart Waste Management Based on Fog and NB-IoT

The increasing number of people on the planet brings, among other things, increasing waste production. This increase in waste is a major problem, especially in urban areas. IoT, fog computing and cloud computing offer automation to collect and evaluate data from systems that change...

Janicek, V. , Novak, J. , Teplý, T. , Husák, M. , Boura, A.
IoT monitoring system for farmers

This paper discusses the concept, design and testing monitoring system for the needs of farmers.The system consists of integrated autonomous BLE beacons, which are located on monitored objects (i...

Hirman, M. , Navrátil, J. , Hamáček, A. , Steiner, F.
Mechanical Testing of Joints Glued/Soldered on Textile Ribbons

This paper deals with the assembly of SMD chip resistors onto a conductive textile ribbon by soldering or gluing. The main goal of our research was to verify the reliability of joints after jerk testing of ribbons. The results showed that soldered / glued joints on&#...

Kadlečíková, M.
Transformer fault detection based on Raman analysis of the transformer oil (A case study)

The paper reports on an experiment in the academic laboratory that aimed to detect a transformer fault by Raman spectroscopy of the transformer oil. Indicators of oil degradation (eg gases, sludge, cellulose) could not be detected. Combustion indicators (soot – graphitic particles, grap...