Title: Paměti Michela Stüelera (1629–1649) jako zdroj pro historické i jiné vědní disciplíny
Authors: Kilián, Jan
Citation: Bohemiae occidentalis historica: odborný časopis pro české dějiny s důrazem na západní Čechy a s přesahy do příhraničních regionů, zvláště do Bavorska. 2019, roč. 5, č. 1.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: viaCentrum
Document type: článek
URI: https://old.fpe.zcu.cz/export/sites/fpe/khi/Dokumenty/BOH/BOH_1_2019.pdf
ISSN: 2336-7547
Keywords: Michel Stüeler;Krupka;Třicetiletá válka;memoáry;vědecké disciplíny
Keywords in different language: Michel Stüeler;Krupka;Thirty Years’ War;memoirs;ccientific disciplines
Abstract in different language: Recently, for the fi rst time ever, it has been published to the full extent the memoirs of Michel Stüeler, the burgher of Krupka, from the peak period of the Thirty Years‘ War. The fi elds in which they can fi nd their application are the entire crowd – mining and metallurgy, military history, agriculture (including fruit growing, viticulture or vegetable growing), hunting, medicine (recorded diseases, their course and duration of treatment), psychology and psychoanalysis, including sexology, literature (reading, book purchases), German studies, historical demography, historical geography and toponomastics, folklore, as well as paleometeorology and the history of forensic science. The whole work is literally a well for learning the history of mentalities, everyday life and culture in a small town during the Thirty Years‘ War.
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Číslo 1 (2019)
Číslo 1 (2019)

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