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Wanner, Michal
Paul Arthur VAN DYKE Whampoa and the Canton Trade. Life and Death in a Chinese Port, 1700–1842 Hong-Kong 2020 ISBN 978-988-8528-35-6, 304 pp.

Hennlichová, Marcela
Karel STANĚK – Michal WANNER Císařský orel a vábení Orientu. Zámořská obchodní expanze habsburské monarchie (1715−1789) Dolní Břežany: Scriptorium 2021 ISBN 978-80-7649-010-9, 527 pp.

Donátková, Zuzana
Anthony WHITE Italian Modern Art in the Age of Fascism New York 2020 ISBN 978-0-367-19627-1, 263 pp.

Dömők, Csilla
Die Geschichte der Völker und Nationalitäten des Habsburgerreiches

The appearance of national minorities as international legal issue and its further unfolding was also connected to 19th Century Eastern-Europe. While unified national states had been formed in Western-Europe by the 19th century, the Eastern-European small nationalities existe...

Chynykeeva, G. E. , Dzhooshbekova, A.R. , Abduvapova, A. T.
Migratsionnyye i etnodemograficheskiye protsessy yuga Kyrgyzstana na sovremennom etape

The southern region of Kyrgyzstan is traditionally considered rich in resources. The transition to market relations, socioeconomic and political reforms, socioeconomic instability in the country in the first years of sovereignty decisively influenced the dynamics and character...