Recent Submissions

Chvátalová, Kateřina
Mice v době (po)koronavirové: přechodný stav nebo trvalá redefinice oboru?

This article aims to describe and analyze the situation in the MICE part of the tourist business. MICE is struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic leaving many suppliers and parts of the industry on the verge of survival. MICE is a complex ecosystem that was&...

Janeček, Petr , Satýnek, Michael
Změny v mezinárodním turismus z pohledu platební bilance

From a global perspective, international tourism has a great importance for national economies. In addition, for the most visited countries, international tourism is a major contributor to GDP. This article focuses specifically on changes in international tourism from the view of ...

Martiushenko, Kateryna , Palovchyk, Eduard
The influence of gender stereotypes on parents’ decision-making processes while buying toys

This paper examines the influence of gender factors and stereotypes in the toy industry by investigating the opinions of parents on Creatable World’s gender-neutral doll. It aims to explore the factors influencing the decisions parents make when choosing toys for their children.&...

Ircingová, Jarmila , Tlučhoř, Jan , Gangur, Mikuláš
Srovnání přístupů ke správě a strategii rozvoje nemovitostí ve vlastnictví obcí

The paper deals with the comparison of approaches to the real estate management in selected municipalities of the Czech Republic. Individual municipalities can choose different ways of property management from ad hoc management by the mayor to outsourcing of administration to an&...

Otavová, Milena , Semerád, Pavel , Maják, Matěj , Gláserová, Jana
Taxation of non-profit organizations and tax assignments in the Visegrad countries

The tax regime and the subsequent funding of non-governmental non-profit organizations through the institution of tax assignations in the Visegrad countries is the main topic of this paper. The issue of taxation is discussed with the aim of proposing changes and recommendations&#...