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Sobotovičová, Šárka , Blechová, Beata
Perception of business entities towards digitization of tax administration in the Czech republic

The digital transformation of all areas of government is one of the European Union priorities. The motivation for our research was the fact that when it comes to the evaluation of Digital Public Services, the Czech Republic ranks below the EU countries average. This article&#x...

Šubová, Nikola , Mura, Ladislav , Buleca, Ján
Determinants of household financial vulnerability: evidence from selected EU countries

Household debt has been increasing in the last decades, and it poses a threat not only to the financial stability of households but is a precursor of the economic and financial crisis. A downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic is expected to deepening inequalities, mainly&...

Trnková, Gabriela , Žáková Kroupová, Zdeňka
Jodrivers of economic performance: what can we observe in the Czech food industry?

This paper is focused on the investigation of the competitiveness drivers, namely technical and scale efficiency and technological change, and their relation to the profitability of the Czech food processing companies in the period 2016–2019. This investigation is based on the stochastic...

Růčková, Petra , Škuláňová, Nicole
The determination of financial structure in agriculture, forestry and fishing industry in selected countries of central and eastern Europe

Every economic sector, every single industry, every economy, and even every firm has its specific financial structure. Given that it is not possible to examine thousands of individual companies for scientific purposes, it is necessary to at least examine the differences between individu...

Mešťan, Michal , Králik, Ivan , Šafár, Leoš , Šebo, Ján
Impact of different life-cycle saving strategies and unemployment on individual savings in defined contribution pension scheme in Slovakia

Searching for the optimal saving strategy is often tied with the life-cycle strategies where only the age of a saver is considered for setting the allocation profile between equities and bonds. Our article contributes to the debate by looking at the performance and adequacy ri...

Jurásek, Miroslav , Wawrosz, Petr
Trends in cultural intelligence research in the context of intercultural management

Cultural intelligence (CQ), expressing a capacity to effectively function in a cultural or culturally diverse environment (professional and otherwise), has great importance not only for the success of individuals who operate professionally in a intercultural environment, but also for the competit...

Solarz, Małgorzata , Swacha-Lech, Magdalena
Determinants of the adoption of innovative FinTech services by millennials

FinTech Adoption Index, expressed as a percentage of the digitally active population, for 27 countries of the world in 2019 reached the level of 64%. Millennials are the generation which, compared to others, is characterized by the highest level of FinTech adoptions. In Poland,...

Hitka, Miloš , Ďurian, Jozef , Lorincová, Silvia , Dúbravská, Bianka
Influence of selected macroeconomic indicators on employee motivation

Motivation is considered one of the most important prerequisites for the success and effectiveness of the resulting performances. Usually, we meet only with a perspective of employee motivation from inside the company. However, the external environment, i.e. macro-environment, also influences the...

Kuběnka, Michal , Čapek, Jan , Sejkora, František
A new look at bankruptcy models

New models for bankruptcy prediction are constantly being formulated and tested against the current ones and current ones are tested to assess their current accuracy and to allow users to determine the reliability of the results when using the model. These models use accounting...

Lorenzo-Romero, Carlota , Alarcón-del-Amo, María-del-Carmen , Crespo-Jareño, José Alberto
An explanatory model of the ecotourists behaviour: management strategies for tourism sector

Concern for the environment, which is of interest to academia, the business world and society in general, has meant the development of green marketing in the last half century. Environment can influence consumer behaviour and specifically the way tourists...

Egerová, Dana , Komárková, Lenka , Kutlák, Jiří
Generation Y and generation Z employment expectations: a generational cohort comparative study from two countries

Generational differences in work values and workplace expectations have become a widely discussed research and intervention topic in recent years. However, little is known about Generation Z, who are now entering&#x...

Šviráková, Eva
Case study: design value measuring by system dynamics

The aim of the article is to show a way to measure the economic value of design using system dynamic modeling of key processes in an organization. The article fully accepts the complexity of the concept of design and opens&#...

Mushtaq, Zulqarnain , Wei, Wei , Sharif, Maimoona , Chandio, Abbas Ali
Evaluating energy consumption efficiency in tobacco production: applying data envelopment analysis

Tobacco is considered as one of the most important industrial cash crop and source of livelihood to many families in Pakistan. Considering the contraction of land under tobacco cultivation, the present study is intended to evaluate the production efficiency of tobacco growers in so...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13