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Recent Submissions

Novosadová, Lenka
Arabská typografie

Arabet is a project which serves as a guide for the basic Arabic language rules and handwriting because it is very different from the typical Latin alphabets. The main pillar of the diploma thesis is the author's font Arabet Sans, which I use as a medium to ...

Doubravská, Lucie

The diploma thesis deals with the creation of a new visual identity for Psychosocial Center Prerov. There are three departments. The main department is focused on complex care for people with mental disorders and comprehensive health problems. The other one is the Cent...

Paines, Thomas

Author book. The content of the work is the architecture and concept of a possible new use of Berlin Tegel Airport.

Puiu, Nicoleta

"Unconventional holidays" is an ongoing project in which I am planning to create a poster for each day of the year in a book format. It presents a selection of unusual holidays around the world that are not yet commercialized but can still be celebrated as ...

Puncmannová, Kateřina

The output of the thesis is an author book called K20 with the theme of mental health. It tells a story about my stay in the psychiatric hospital in Kosmonosy. The name of the book is derived from the name of the ward in the hospital where the story ta...