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Součková, Kateřina
Dětská židlička

I decided to created a dining chair for children that can be lowered into a low chair for playing and drawing. My main intention was to create a chair that will grow with the child. And it will be able to be used again by another child.

Talknerová, Petra
Umění v designu nábytku

In this bachelor thesis I focus on the concept of the Dadaist movement. I was looking into what dadaism means today compared to the impact it had in its time. I tried to paraphrase the main principles of Dadaism. The outcome of my bachelor thesis is The Unsinn&#...

Vořechovská, Eliška
Intervence do interiéru

In this bachelor thesis on theme Intervention to exterior I focused on different perception of space. I tried to subdue borders between interior and exterior areas. I tried to create a new kind of a building. In this project I united a lookout tower with a chap...

Santolík, Vojtěch

My bachelor thesis is based on a topic Art in Furniture Design. My target was to join both art and design together and find some balance between these two more and more different fields. I am trying to present ideas that led Czech architectural Cubists to create ...

Siváková, Kateřina
Interpretace dějin a kultury v současných teoriích interpretace

The theme of my bechelor thesis is intervention to the exterior. I chose this, becouse I wanted to create something, that would sourve the people and make the enjoyment of nature more enjoyable. I also wanted a test myself in realizing a bigger project and learn some...

Potůček, Tomáš

This bachelor thesis is dealing with the design and manufacturing of variable furniture. The idea is to develop furniture which is financially available but designed in modern form. The end product is made of traditional materials which are highly demanded in today's society. T...

Sidelnikova, Valeriia
Praktický dekor

The aim of my bachelor thesis is "Practical Décor", as a multifaceted topic that may change the attitude towards essential things that surround us. The main goal and criteria of the thesis is to combine practicality, functionality and aesthetics in one object, as well...

Koláříková, Monika
Modulární rekreační kabina

The theme of my bachelor thesis is Modular recreational cabin. I designed the cabin in collaboration with the company PALIS Plzeň spol. s r.o.. The cabin is built of full-wall panels. The cabin consists of eight basic panels,from which two more cabins of different shapes ...

Juríčková, Viktória
Lidová slovesnost v designu produktu

The main aim of my bachelor thesis was to reflect the folk literature of the product of daily usage. It is described by the application of decorative and geometrical trends. The final product, the QUARE collection, comprises three wine glasses from hand-blown glass. It reflect...

Böserová, Denisa

The aim was to create an object with a feminist theme, which people would look up to with respect for women regardless of their figure, skin color, or personality. Adhere to this different perception of "seeing", "being seen" and "seeing oneself". To draw&#...

Balogová, Veronika
Světlo a prostor

The work deals with the design, production and description of the work - the Portal product and everything that preceded the design. The portal is a lamp for children that creates space for a child in which it can play. This is achieved with the help of light&#x...

Bílková, Kateřina
Dětská židlička

Children's chair, which is intended for children to play. It is designed to perform a entertaimenit function for the child, but at the same time the possiblae to use as classic chair. The main idea of the design is a rounded base of the chair, which allows&...

Gažiová, Barbora

The bachelor thesis aims to achieve variability in seating furniture in one form. The chair is inspired by a human person and offers two seating variants. In one variant, the person sits in a rocking chair, which creates privacy. In the second variant, the person sits...

Seifertová, Vendula
Pomůcky pro mentálně postižené

The aim of my work was to create a device that facilitates communication between a child with an emotional disorder and the person who works with it. The resulting EMOTIO product contains six wooden figurines that take the form of human figures and their...

Artemeva, Sofia
Světlo a prostor

In this bachelor's thesis I work with the topic of light and space and its interpretations. I tried to work with light as a material and show how it affects the environment. The final product is a screen, which also has the function of a shelf unit. It ...

Jagerčík, Jonáš
Budoucnost mobility tvořena na principech spekulativního designu.

This thesis presents a speculative vision of the future, which is built on the upcoming posthuman era. It tells the story of Anna and solves the problem of her situation. The final design is the vehicle, which stimulates our senses, calms emotions, decreases stress levels,...

Štajer, Vojtěch

A rental cabin for stargazing with the capacity for two people. The cabin will work on the same principle as renting cars and bikes. It will be situated somewhere in the mountains, in a dark zone without light pollution.

Zíková, Kristina
Kolekce reagující na aktuální vývoj módy a přinášející vlastní autorský přístup

The topic of the bachelor thesis is A collection that responds to the actual development of fashion and brings its own authorial acces. My bachelor work consists of three garments, all of them are lose, comfortable and pleasant. I mainly focus on anorac jackets&#x...

Vondráčková, Markéta
Kolekce oděvů zaměřená na tvorbu vlastního návrhu dezénu, motivu a následnou práci s ním

The bachelor's thesis is a comprehensive author's collection of three clothing models. The topic of the work is a COLLECTION OF CLOTHES FOCUSED ON THE CREATION OF OWN DESIGN OF THE DESIGN, MOTIVE AND SUBSEQUENT WORK WITH IT. The aim was to learn more about this&#x...

Vepřeková, Aneta
Kolekce reagující na aktuální vývoj módy a přinášející vlastní autorský přístup

I chose fashion trends as a topic of my bachelor's thesis. The collection consists of three women's models designed to be worn in a city streets. I was inspired by strong women and I tried to connect the delicate and fragile female side with the rough and...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 203